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  1. Not that I know of... It seems like people have quit talking about it...
  2. Yeah, I'm using the one on demonoid... has had a lot of activity, and i'm guessing its the same one you used, so i'll give it one more shot. as to the wireless n card - wasn't the conclusion that is working BUT without support for a secure network? so if you use passwords on your router, it's a no go. you could use mac address filtering if your router uses it, but just a heads up... thats what I remember reading anyway... so sick of vista, trying to get a good copy of this iDeneb and hoping for a guru to work out this graphics issue so i can run osx again...
  3. To WACOMalt, did you have md5 errors when u were downloading the iDeneb? I can't get mine to match up according to the md5 supplied in the text document with the image... wondering if it's a bad upload, or just me. To skierguy: I don't know of any, but you could look through the HCL (hardware compatability lists) on the wiki page of oxx86project.org to see if any are listed... not sure though. And most systems have some milestone problems that end up being tough to fix when you're running osx on a windows platform... it's part of the challenge. WACOM, let us know what you find out!
  4. skierguy, Your questions seem to be answered (for the most part) in this thread, if you read up a bit. Performance - seems to depend on what you accept as usable in terms of graphics. Wireless - read above your post. Seems like everyone got support without the draft-n card, and now people are getting support WITH draft-n card, but not for secured networks. Ethernet seems to be working from what people said. Everyone clearly stated that calibration is not working. Seems like people are switching over to iDeneb for the most part. Just read the posts in this thread and you will find answers to all of your questions, in-depth. Back to the topic now - does anyone know who wrote the texts for iDeneb? WACOMalt seems to have a good point about this. The quickest way to get support for our graphics is probably through the person/group of people who wrote the drives for the other cards supported in iDeneb. It has been a few years since I tinkered with this stuff at all, and I don't have a ton of time right now to do it myself, but I probably wasn't good enough at it in the first place
  5. Thanks for the link and patience... I searched manually and through the search box on the site, but came up with nothing... Not sure what I was doing but it was apparently wrong! Thanks again for help and patience guys!
  6. Hey everyone, I hate to revive an old thread, but I've been out of the osx86 scene for a while, and it's time to get back in. I was running up to 10.4.8 (I know, it's been like a over a year) on my old HP DV1440us and it was pretty smooth. My screen went bad on that old notebook, so I picked up an HP tx2525nr tablet a few months ago. Vista is horrible, I'm sick of it, and I miss osx86. I'm considering gettinb back into the scene... but I want to know first - has anyone gotten osx running on the same machine? I read through a bunch of pages in this thread, and checked the HCLs in the wiki site, but didn't see anything. I also ran a few simple searches through but came up with nothing. I'm wondering the best route for the install. Any input would be greatly appreciated... I'm willing to tinker around a good bit once I get into it, but at the moment it's been so long that I don't remember a thing! Just trying to get back on the right track, and hoping someone can help me out. Thanks a lot guys! Here is some addl info ab my machine from the HP system information: Processor: AMD Turiou, dual-core Mobile RM-70 I've got a Quanta board system ID 30F1 version 97.18 my firmware is F.06, from what I understand I need to downgrade this... graphics: ATI radeon hd 3200 hard drive: WDC WD25 00BEVs-60UST0 SCSI optical: CDDVDW TS-L633L by TSSTcorp network... broadcom 4321AG; realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) I've also got an old broadcom chip at home in my old DV1440 that I would swap out with this one... I can't remember the model of it, but I remember it worked back in the day with 10.4.8 Does anyone have any input for me on where to start, or how compatible this stuff is? Thanks a lot I really appreciate it! -Auggie