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Copying a retail OSX DVD using Windows tools?

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I've searched on google, the wiki and these forums. I haven't found good results to the question, because it returns OSX utilities that can be used to create a backup copy, or copying a hard drive as opposed to the DVD, or perhaps because it is so trivial it doesn't need to be mentioned.

1) Which Windows programs, tools, or utilities can I use to make a backup copy of an OSX retail installation disk that will be functional? Can I use any of the numerous Windows programs (magiciso, imgburn, iso recorder, etc.) to make a functional copy of the installation disk? Preferably, I'd like free software opposed to paid software.

2) Which format should I save the resulting copy to?


I suppose this is the step before the "start with this particular disk image and go from there", but I haven't seen this addressed.

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