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  1. I've searched on google, the wiki and these forums. I haven't found good results to the question, because it returns OSX utilities that can be used to create a backup copy, or copying a hard drive as opposed to the DVD, or perhaps because it is so trivial it doesn't need to be mentioned. 1) Which Windows programs, tools, or utilities can I use to make a backup copy of an OSX retail installation disk that will be functional? Can I use any of the numerous Windows programs (magiciso, imgburn, iso recorder, etc.) to make a functional copy of the installation disk? Preferably, I'd like free software opposed to paid software. 2) Which format should I save the resulting copy to? I suppose this is the step before the "start with this particular disk image and go from there", but I haven't seen this addressed.
  2. Hueythefreeman

    Hackintosh Wallpaper v5

    That looks so badass, nice job. This should get more notice.
  3. Hueythefreeman

    Konami Kode

    From what I remember you could use it on Digg to open and close comments
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    "StealthMac" G5 case mod

    Oh man I'm really digging the PC here. The Thermaltake SpinQ really gives it that badass PC look. Good job on getting that in a fairly compact space, too.
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    Windows 7 Lag

    Unfortunately the best course of action is to backup and reimage... but that's usually an annoying process. If you want a paid option that's really nice, get Eset Smart Security 4 (or NOD32, which is just the antivirus and was mentioned above). It has some of the highest detection rates out there, and is very lightweight and fast.
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    Product key Windows7 Enterprise and Ultimate

    I tried to convert a Windows 7 Ultimate installation to Enterprise and it didn't work out well. One thing you can do is convert the Windows 7 Ultimate disk into a multi-installer DVD that can install all the other version of 7 (except Starter and Enterprise).