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box.net on Linux


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Most of us remember that Mash post from front page about free iDisk storage. I never get this worked for me on Mac OS X (10.4.6 update broke something on my hackinots). I am on heavy use of Linux box now. I am actually on SLED RC3 and try to get this worked. In theory is very simple but speed is so sloooooooow that normal usage is almost impossible. What is interesting on my Win box i can travel across box.net folders almost instantly. Main deference in my opinion is that the Win box don't use ipv6 and new Linux box do. Soo I try disable ipv6 (see how to speed up Internet on Ubuntu on bottom of this post) and I get significant improves in speed. It is still nothing compare to Win box but its almost useful now


I try two different method to mount box.net on Linux

  • first is native in nautilus
  • second is with davfs2

first method worked slow, for second method I must compile some extra package and this work even worse. After disabling ipv6, second method was still worse so i dump it. But davfs2 has some advantages over native method. With it you can see preview of your files and WebDav was mount as normal folder, with nautilus method you can't see preview and path to share was something like this dav://name%40host.com@box.net/dav


Even after ipv4 hack often nautilus freeze for second when i click on some box.net folder, this freeze also every else nautilus windows. You can fix this in most cases by login thought http instead https. It's high insecure but it works quite fast.


If you know some tips to get this working fast with https, please share it on this thread


If you don't have box.net account and you like me ;) sing in it's free



if you don't like me but won free 1 GB storage try this http://www.box.net


Mash thread about box.net on mac


how to mount box.net on windows XP



you mount box.net drive similar way on linux, in gnome


in nautilus window chose File> Conect to server

in new window form list chose WevDav (HTTP)

in server type


in user name your account name, I write my whole email address “kingofthebongo@gmail.com”

in connection name type something like "iDisk" (this name will be on your desktop)

how to speed up Internet on Ubuntu


(there is only one difference in SLED, there is other path to modprobe file



gksudo /etc/modprobe.d/aliases

type as root

gedit /etc/modprobe.conf

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