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  1. When my computer puts the display to sleep, upon waking it up. I'll have a bunch of multicolored static. This goes away after a bit, though it sometimes lasts almost a minute before I can see anything. It's really annoying and somewhat worrying. Any idea how to fix it?
  2. Altimit

    10.5.7 upgrade safe for hackintosh?

    Updating to 10.5.6 via the software update worked fine for me, I just had to reinstall my audio kext. As for video problems, I'd suggest going the EFI route, just make sure you have up to date utilities/A good/up to date version of EFI Studio as the original doesn't have that many cards/doesn't work for a lot of the ones it does have. I think 1.1 is the last version, the modified one off of the iPC 10.5.6 disk has even more devices.
  3. Altimit

    World of Warcraft on Hackintosh

    I'm running iDeneb 10.5.6 using the vanilla kernel with comparable specs to the OP (same video card, including the manufacturer - EFI Strings), though I only have 2GB of RAM and a dual core (Xeon e3110/e8400) and while World of Warcraft runs, it seems a bit slower than when I run it under Windows XP on the same machine. Any ideas on what might be holding me back? Does iDeneb install something that's slowing my computer down that I don't need? Is Leopard more sensitive to multi-core CPUs than Windows? I dunno, but if anyone has any ideas that'd be great. This is the only thing preventing me from using OS X full time right now.
  4. Altimit

    MSR Tools (Thermal Sensor)

    Works fine for me, no issues so far. It reports that I have speedstep enabled though my clock speed/voltage never actually gets reduced...
  5. Altimit

    Official Windows 7 pics

    You can find just as many things that Mac OS X "ripped off" from Windows as you can vice versa. That's without even going into the stuff both OS's, but especially OS X "ripped off" from various pieces of *nix software. If only Microsoft would do the same and make windows a Unix-like OS I'd be in heaven...
  6. This didn't help solve my initial problem, but you were right I ended up managing to get back in and tried using the actual chameleon installer and everything went fine.
  7. Right now when I wake my computer up from sleep, the ethernet fails to come back online. I had this working on a previous install, but I unfortunately can't remember what I did. Is there a newer kext out there that fixed this issue? I'm running Kalyway 10.5.2 updated 10.5.5 with the combo update and pre/post install patches if that helps. Any help would be appreciated. I'm so close to having a perfect install and this one issue is bugging me since I know there's a fix out there. Thanks!
  8. I heard Chameleon EFI was better than PC EFI so I tried installing it with OSx86Tools. Unfortunately now I can't boot OSX. It just hangs on my computer's POST screen. It doesn't skip over the drive as if it's not bootable, it just sits there doing nothing. Is there any way to fix this short of a complete reinstall? I'm using a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mainboard if that helps. Thanks.
  9. Altimit

    iATKOS 10.5.4 DVD release

    Thinking of giving this release a try though previous iATKOS releases gave me SATA problems (read speeds of about 2MB/s aren't fun). Have they fixed that in this release?
  10. Altimit

    [solved?]I have OS9 Mouse pointers?

    Alright thanks. That's annoying, but good to know the problem isn't on my end.
  11. Hi, I first noticed it in firefox, but it seems like a lot of my mouse pointers are using old, crappy OS9 style graphics instead of what they're supposed to be. The standard arrow is fine, but, as an example, the busy pointer or the hand pointer (when you mouse over links) are not. I thought it might just be a firefox issue, but I have the exact same problem in other programs, even stuff like the package installer. While eye candy is the main component, the old style hand isn't aligned exactly with the new style arrow pointer which can be rather annoying when trying to click on something. On a related note, I occasionally (seems to be random) get the wrong pointer in certain applications (like getting the text-selection pointer on a certain window when I should have a normal arrow pointer). I'm using Kalyway+combo update. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Hi there, I've been messing around and managed to get Leopard running pretty well, except for sleep (though I've had so many problems with sleep across multiple computers and operating systems over the years that it might be more troubling if it DID work so that doesn't bother me). I would, however like to be able to put my monitor only to sleep and have it turn back on correctly. Currently what happens is that when I move the mouse/press a key to bring the monitor back on, it briefly flashes what should be there, and then switches to a completely blank, mild blue screen (the desktop background color, I think). I can't seem to be able to do anything but hard reset my machine. Specs. I've got a GA-P35-DS3L mainboard and an nVidia 8800GT. Using Kalyway+the 10.5.3 combo update with modbin kernel (can't shutdown or reboot with vanilla, though ironically sleep seems to work except for the above monitor problem). I've been searching, but it's a bit difficult to wade through all the general sleep problems out there on the web so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Altimit

    Sound Issues - GA-P35-DS3L

    Install the Kalyway 10.5.3 combo update. Choose the modbin kernel (vanilla doesn't seem to be able to shutdown or reboot with the sound driver installed). This fixe my problem. There was also a way to get it working in 10.5.2 that worked (once, at least) using the HDA audio patcher (the tutorial is somewhere on the forums) but I'd highly recommend just upgrading. EDIT: Whoops, I guess you already solved your problem. Still, this might be useful for future reference.
  14. Try using NVinstaller (v.52 in my case). It solved my problems.
  15. Altimit

    box.net on Linux

    You can do this with Konqueror in KDE as well, and even without the IPv4 hack it seems to work ver quickly. Same setup, except use 'box.net' as the server and put '/dav' as the folder.