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Freezing and jumping mouse cursor

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Hi there!


I have a problem with my mouse, which is best seen in this little 30 seconds video I made especially to show you:



In a few words, when I'm doing circles with my mouse, the mouse cursor layer of the system seems to freeze for a little while, every few seconds, and the cursor gets pixels away from the original position when it comes back. I can't use Photoshop anymore for doing precise things, for example, and I always need to correct the wrong movements.


The problem occurs both with a USB mouse and a Bluetooth mouse (with the first computer of my signature).


What can I do?


Thank you so much for your help.

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Using the Logitech Control Center causes jumpy cursor and such currently with a lot of mice; my MX1000 included. I am using USB Overdrive instead right now but its a shame because I want to use LCC for my Wave keyboard but can't seem to have both USB overdrive and LCC at the same time. This isn't just an issue with OSX86 installs. Just Logitech software.

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