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PS/2 Controllers make sound fails!


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Im having prolems with the audio, and after format the Leopard partition, I realized that using USB controllers, the audio works perfectly!


I know, now, the problem is in the trackpad controller, the keyboard dont mess anything... and i cant use a PS2 keyboard and a USB mouse!


Well, I wont use a USB keyboard too 'cause I use a notebook...


Someone can help me where is the problem? I've changed the audio kext and the ps2 kext, its not the problem! =/


USB mouse with native notebook keyboard wont work... only if using AppleUSBOHCI.kext, and i have to turn off the PS2 controllers and use keyboard usb too. =/


I wanna know is if there is a solution to use the PS2 controllers without audio crashing and failing everytime, or if there is a way to work with PS2 keyboard and USB mouse (i've tried already every hint or trick i saw)... can someone help me?


Chipset: ATI RS480M \ SB400 (there is all the rest in signature)


P.S.:Sorry about the poor english

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