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iAtkos V7 AMD 9800GTX+ Help :(

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Hi everyone thanks for taking time to read my post :D


After 3 months of trying to get OSX on my PC i was so close to giving up, I tried many Distros. With iPC i got the "Still waiting for root device" error on disk boot. iDeneb v1.3 nForce patch i got "Still waiting for root device" after install booting into mac. Now i have iAtkos V7. Everything seemed to go fine through the install. On booting i got the IGPU: Specific family matching fails (something like that) and the same with Display: Specific family matching fails. Even with these errors i still managed to boot into OSX :D . I went through the user setup, and finally was running OSX. After many re-installs of the GPU drivers i am still stuck with the same resolution ;):) and if i move a window around it becomes transparent.


My specs are:


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 3.0Ghz


RAM: 3GB DDR2 667

HDD: 40GB IDE (mac osx) 500GB WD SATA (Win 7)

Sound: "yet to be updated"


I will post some Screen Shots soon.



Thanks for taking time to help :D

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I think that the solution for your problem is in this post




The errors you getting are related to the GC, osx loads with basic video support but reason you stuck with the same resolution and if you move a window around it becomes transparent is that you have no hardware acelleration or w/e support to make the GC work.

I think you can also change the .plist to add higer resolutions but if no support from kext it might result into a kernel panic.


hope it helps

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