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  1. Hi i have a easy note ts11hr, tried a few installs but always get stuck at booloader screen. Wanna share your installation method?
  2. Help choosing a laptop

    Im getting the PB easynote ts11 next wednesday, everything but the gp should work oob on snow. ill check after i try it out
  3. Please help with Update!

    What distro are you using for the install? What kexts did you install at start? It sounds like you having a kext error.
  4. Iphoto 11

    After wasting hours online looking for a solution, deleting com.plist, deleting codecs, fixing permissions etc etc etc. On my 27" iMac was running fine after the update but my hackintosh didnt want to play along. So if you tried everything wont hurt to try this one. I found this by accident kinda. I got a new hardisk for my laptop and decided to dual boot win7 and SL. Since im a lazy person by nature i installed SL and updated it and used it for a while. Decided to pass my iphoto library to a 1Tb Usb disk wich i can use on the laptop and on the imac. Everything was working fine until i installed win7. at this time iphoto started crashing at start. So the solution is Eject the following partitions/drives: System reserved Win7 Run iphoto! Hope this helps some of you out there P.S. - If i posted on the wrong part of the forum, im sorry and i hope someone can move it to the right palce.
  5. Hi Everyone, i have installed osx with succes in several diferent setups. however this board doesnt wanna play along. Already tried several diferent guides from forum but no luck. Distro - Snow Leopard for PC's iATKOS_S3_v2 By booting in verbose mode this is the info in the last lines Mac Framework successfully initialized using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 clusters IOAPIC: Version 0x28 Vectors 64:07 ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S5] (S3)
  6. Dual Boot - iAtkos S3/Windows 7

    yeah like nIGhT-SoN said. If u have SL installed already and have a partition free for windows, once windows is installed and running jsut use easybcd to make macox partition visible to the bootloader.
  7. Confusion with DSDT patching

    Yeah that is right, basically instead of the bios giving the hardware info to os, the bootloader is the dsdt patch is used by the bootloader to tell the os what we want so you need to put your patched dsdtfile in the root that would work. also u need to compile the file b4 so you gonna need DSDT patcher program, google it for download. But check out charmeleon rc5 by using the distro i told you b4, saves u a lot of work. you can add almost all info direclty to the bootloader on install, so vga etc works ofthe box
  8. Dual Boot - iAtkos S3/Windows 7

    i installed sl on a partition after i had win7 on it So considering you have win7 installed and another partition free for SL, just go ahead and put iatkos on, once it loads go to disk utility (many guides out there on how to install). After this your computer wont boot either one, so you need to grab your win7 disc and repair your installation. this will make it possible to boot into windows. now in windows download easybcd, once in there add a line for macox. save exit and restart your pc. now you should have 2 choices on boot win 7 and mac ox, that should do the job for some reason didnt see all the answers b4 so i guess u very well guided now.
  9. Confusion with DSDT patching

    Yeah i gotcha man... that gave me a huge headache as well. Believe me. So from what i figured dsdt patching is simply a way of telling SL where and how to comunicate with some devices that apple wasn't prepared to use. so lets say that SL believes that the audio controllers are on adress 0X001 but your bios has it on 0X002, by patching the dsdt you correclty tell SL to look in 0X002 instead of 0X001. Again im as noob or even more than you are with a similar headache but i got the dump from mine using a windows prog and then followed some guides to patch my dsdt. All that for nothing bk im using iatkos s3 v2 and it almost work out the box as the bootloader apparently does all the work. sure it took a while to tweak everything but once u figure out what makes it KP then u go back and use another one. Riding SL is simply cool, way too cool! so the ehadache is worth it! take care
  10. If u have acess to a mac then just restore the snowleodvd into the thumb drive. the retail is to pay for the license. but iatkos s3 v2 is also a pretty good distro for this netbook
  11. Help on HP6910 Snow Leopard iatkos

    Hi, im using right now SL on my HP 6910p, only difference from mine is the graphic card. Everything works at exception to: WIFI (get a broadcom one work nice as airport) Fingerprintsensor (havent tried to find stuff to make it work) Some stuff i havent tried out, like svideo out or plugging another screen Other issue u should expect is battery, mine with win7 lasts around 6 hours but on mac only around 4 hours. I posted this somewhere in the forum, so might be a good idea u search on the forum for questions u might have in the future. Buy a SL copy. (its really worth it) Go to TPB and download "SNOWLEODVD". Now from here the ball is yours, if us search the forum u will find more info from me on the install on this machine. Most of the pleasure will come from the install (unless u get crazy b4). This distro has 90% of the stuff needed for a successful install. (except for wireless unless ur wc is diferent from mine). Cheers
  12. Although u give some information, theres more stuff you need to know to solve this. Look for full specs of you netbook. example: My netbook snow has this specifications: Intel® Atom Processor N450 (1.66GHz, 512KB L2 cache, 667MHz FSB)<LI>10.1″ WSVGA Acer CrystalBrite LED-backlit Display<LI>Mobile Intel® NM10 Express Chipset<LI>Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150<LI>1024MB DDR2 667MHz Memory<LI>160GB(2) 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive<LI>Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader<LI>Acer InviLink Nplify 802.11b/g/Draft-N Wi-Fi CERTIFIED®<LI>10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN (RJ-45)<LI>Built-in Webcam<LI>Two Built-in Stereo Speaker<LI>s
Multi-Gesture Touchpad<LI>3 – USB 2.0 Ports<LI>6-cell Li-ion Battery (4400 mAh) Check the bottom of the netbook, should be a tag there with serial info , and google it. From waht i can reckon u might have the graphic card like mine intel 3150, this one is tricky as its diferent from the X3100 so u cant use the same kexts. after some google search u can find some gma950 kexts chnaged to run for the 3150, unfortunatelly only for SNOW LEOPARD. ethernet you just need to choose legacy intel under customize and it should work nicely. wifi i have an atheros wich for SNOW LEOPARD there are kexts done but not for LEO. if u decide to do a SL install, remember to also choose kernel atom or snow wont run due to the atom processor. Once u get some more info on your system, ill glady give u a hand P.S.- After around 1Million attempts to get this netbook running OSX i jsut cant get sleep to work, so if u cant live without it. win7 is the way Cheers
  13. ACPI error on HP 6910p notebook

    buy a copy of sl TPB search for snowleodvd (burn or restore to a usb stick 8Gb +) use -f -v on first boot after install most of the hardware used in this laptop is supported except for WIFI (you can find a broadcom that is identified as airport and work liek a charm for 10 euros) So after dvd boot and b4 the instalation go to utilities and choose system info wich will give u all the info of the hardware, write it down (should be Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HP hs2300 HSDPA this is for wwan (if u use it) search google for kext for it mine has the Mobile Intel GMA X3100 gc but yours might have ati (install the one for yours inside of customize) audio Hdavoodoo or the other for intel HDA (cant remember wich one i chose) ethernet 82566MM (can also choose it on customize of install) sd card should be ricoh ( google it away, cant remember waht i did exaclty but wasnt hard) Now be patient at many parts of the install u gonna feel the urge to restart your machine DONT can take up to 15min and one of the "hangs" takes like 4min but is in fact installing, put it installing go get a coffe come back in 20min and you should have the fill in info screen. Only "issue" is battery lasts for around 4 hours when with win7 it lasts like 6 (not heavy video/audio usage)... but i read some peopel talk about 30min for battery to be empty so 4 hours isnt that much to complain about GL
  14. Hi i currently working on the 532h (bought for GF to use) Got it for 5 days and after some search and several installs: Got most to work, except for WIFI and VIDEO thats due to the atherros wifi card and the intel GMA3150. HAvent found much help out there to this netbook. However buy a SL go to TPB and download SNOWLEODVD Find a friend with a mac and restore the image to a USBPEN (8gb is good enouhg) boot your acer with the usb plugged in (h2hinside should do it auto) DONT make any changes on bios...npot much u can change but still leave it as is. Now this part you can try and test but to start and get the system running (other kexts can be isntalled later), just put a tick on KERNELS - legacy kernel for intel atom, on NOTEBOOK put a tick on voodo hda and PS2. That should give u a running OS, jsut fillout your info give it 5min on first boot and will run nicely. Dont worry, later boots will take less than 30sec PS ethernet works but strangely enouhg on mine i used one option but on my friend he had to use another one (the intel ones you can see on LAN), so on first install try one, if u dont have ethernet reinstall and use 2nd one in case of kernel panic Hope it helped