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Building A Cheap OSX86 Computer....

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Hey all


I'm a seasoned mac user and have been using Mac's forever. However my friends are still not convinced that they're the best thing around. So to prove it to them I want to build a OSX86 comp that can run OSX well but costs very little to build...


I just want to know if there are any recommended parts that people suggest for making a really cheap OSX86 box.


Motherboard: I know that MBs with built in Intel chipsets are best, preferrably the GMA950 but i heard the GMA 900 series works well too. Any ideas?


Processor: Intel's the best for this, so I probably try to find a Pentium 4 or a Celeron D with SSE3 support


I can probably find other parts quite easily on eBay and places like that...


I'm trying to get all of these things as cheap as possible, so I don't mind getting used parts or from eBay etc.


Anyone have good recommendations for good working parts that preferably need minimal patching?

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Have a look into a little something like this:


-D915GUX Intel motherboard or something like it.....(Supports ethernet, sound USB etc ou the box)

-Celeron D Processor any will do and will run SSE3(much faster than older CPU's)

-Cheap Hard Drive

-Cheap RAM

-Cheap DVD-ROM


-Install DVD


and your good to go will all run without any mods etc etc.....



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