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  1. Installing OSX86 on Thinkpad R40e

    Ok thanks for the tip I have booted into verbose and the last errors I get are: -Kld_load_frommemory() failed for module /system/library/extensions/IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext/contents/plugins/ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext/COntents/MacOS/ACPI_SMC_Platform Plugin Dunno if this helps means nothing to me but hopefully someone can determine what is going on.... Thanks, Chris
  2. Installing OSX86 on Thinkpad R40e

    Thanks for the reply I just tried and no luck the screen freezes on the white apple logo after about 1 minute of the dial spinning below the apple logo.... What install DVD where you using to get it to boot on your r40e and did you change any bios settings? Thanks, SHadoW
  3. Hey guys, I am trying to install 10.4.6 JAS on my IBM Thinkpad R40e I have seen people on the forum have success with this exact machine thats why I can't figure out why the install isn't biting. My specs are: -2.2ghz Celeron M SSE2 -512mb RAM -16mb ATI Graphics -25gb HD What happens is I put in the JAS install DVD boot from it and it won't go beyond the white screen..... ANy help would be welcome as i would love to get OSX running on this baby! PEace ShadoW
  4. Which Thinkpad To Choose?

    Write down the specs of the two systems and then someone can have a look and see which one is more osx86 compatible and probably be able to tell you whether or not the $200 is worth it, ShadoW
  5. I'd love to get hold of these too, so if anyone knows how or has them please share the knowledge!!! BTW Xeijen your Avatar is awesome you don't by any chance have a wallpaper based on that?? PeacE SHadOw
  6. Hey guys I have put my 100% compatible Hackintosh up for sale, see my Sig for specs and the eBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E%3AIT&rd=1 I am Selling it due to the fact I have bought an IBM laptop which is more suited to my needs as a secondary computer to my MacBook, Everything works (sound, ethernet, VGA all work out the box Perfect!!) This baby runs OS X beautifully I have tried JAS 10.4.6 and 10.4.7 both faultless funny as it may seem it runs better than my MacBook for general use probably due to the faster Hard Drive....Beautiful machine in Micro ATX case which can also be mounted sidewaays so it can be used as a media centre... I am based in London so pick up is available, Get in touch, SHadoW you can mail me at shadowmoses@btinternet.com
  7. Netgear wg111t

    I think it does work but check the osx86 hardware Wiki
  8. WWDC 2006 Keynote Impressions

    Good article does well to remind us all it was a developers conference, leopard was really exciting and we are sure to have some cool hardware released in the coming months.... PeacE
  9. Leopard Icon Pack

    Awesome icon pack Thanks for posting! ShadoW
  10. Another security updates from apple

    Has anyone tested this yet? I am assuming that it will break our current install's but I would like to have the verdict from someone in the know.... Thanks, ShadoW
  11. there is no point getting a macbook to run just XP its little things will annoy you after a while like single trackpad button, no iSight support in XP, and Bootcamp can be unstable so get a generic PC laptop if you wanna run XP, SHadoW
  12. -For sure a 10.5 Preview -10.4.8 possibly substantial update??? -New Nano -Office go universal -Mac Pro ShadoW
  13. Working Bluetooth PCI Card

    Yup most USB bluetooth modules work great so just plug one in and you should be up and running, SHadoW
  14. SCORE!

    Shows there are some amazing deals to be had....Its a great machine and still looks sexy!!! ShadoW
  15. Have a look into a little something like this: -D915GUX Intel motherboard or something like it.....(Supports ethernet, sound USB etc ou the box) -Celeron D Processor any will do and will run SSE3(much faster than older CPU's) -Cheap Hard Drive -Cheap RAM -Cheap DVD-ROM -Case -Install DVD and your good to go will all run without any mods etc etc..... ShadoW