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Fun with bootable DVDs!

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So here's the story:

After becoming a Windows Vista Beta tester and taking a good look at the future of windows, I figured out that it would be a very nice idea to switch operating systems as soon as is humanly possible. I have always liked the mac UI - my XP MCE is actually flyakite'd to look like one. But it's not the same. I suppose that's why this project even exists.


But back to the story:

I downloaded a "Mac Os X Tiger 10.4.6 Unpersonalized HardDisk Image" from the green demon and the thing finally finished downloading. It was one single .iso file, chock full of mac goodness. I decided to burn it to a bootable DVD in nero. No go: apparantly, isos can only be bootable when they are merely 2 gigs or less. No luck there. After weeping in misery for a bit, I decided to run magiciso and extract the files. Fine. One hitch: it doesn't work, either. A select few files give me this wonderful error:

"ISO action is failed."


So what is going on? How do I burn a bootable DVD (as most tutorials will instruct me to do) with this iso? I'm assuming it works, as I don't see why the uploader would bother to isoify it if it was destined to fail. What am I missing here?


Oh, and while I'm at it: with regards to partitioning, how safe, exactly, is partitionmagic. I've eard horror stories about it and I'm not exactly eager to give it a shot. Any alternatives? Could I clone my hard drive to a workstation, erase it, then just install osx from the get-go and dual boot with boot camp? Am I totally crazy?


Thanks in advance, guys.



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unfortunatly its not as easy as you think. your best option is to go to your fav torrent site I suggest thepiratebay and download jas osx86 install dvd 10.4.6

has all the patches and everything you need, super simple install! burn it str8 to dvd using nero, and problems solved!

Hope this helps

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