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  1. i have two motherboards that are driving me up the wall! i have installed osx86 sucsessfully, on many machines, but this is way beyond me, can you help? this is the model's of the mobo's i have what can i do! one is an intel bord out a gateway that also comes in some dells E210882 aka d915gvse3 plain jane, no wifi, no vid card all intergrated. second board is an aopen ax4spe-un all i have added is a agp ati radeon x1650 pro ati brand. i can get both to install but varios rebooting issues, i can get as far as the register screen where u select the country ect and it jumps back and restarts to begin of register, other keeps rebooting and rebooting no matter if i do -x -f whatever ill paypal you mad money if you can help please let me know, thank you soooo much for all your work and time! -corey
  2. ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    YOU ROCK! thanks!!! I have a 645GZM-S2 rev3 gigabyte motherboard 883 worked perfect sounds good hugggeee thank you!!! i got scared. this is 100% flawless mobo for under 50$ lol I built a bitchen osx box loaded for under 200 1gb ram ddr2, 3.3ghz, 320gb barracuda sata, 645gzm-s2 mobo, 42wat psu, cheap case. WOOT
  3. I have a F5D9050 belkin usb wireless adapter please let me know what i need to do to get it running with osx. thanks guys. My mobo and processor and in just got to get them from where i got um shipped. I will give an update on how it all went down but wireless whats up with it? Someone help me with some quick advice thanks guys!
  4. Thanks! that covers that well how well should it run? im running 1gb ram also what bout my wireless card? I read a topic about it but it was not for that specific model and I need to know if its possible to make that work with the newest version of osx and if so what all is needed in steps thanks!
  5. Just got a good deal on them hoping it all should work together im using intergrated video and sound. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813128033 this is the motherboard this is the processor http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819112213 any tips for this setup or things i need or need to know? Will everything work good besides the lan, (not needed) also will a belkin usb wireless card work f5d9050 belkin mimo what do i need to use it?
  6. Gigabyte 945GZM-S2?

    i just bought this off newegg dirt cheap along with a nice processor is it going to work? do you mean reboot as in just restarting the pc normal or rebooting directly after install going to the desktop Can you get into the desktop? Uh oh if not i hope im not screwd. I am soooooooo excited to get this up i did hours of research on this mobo on the net. but forgot to ask around here anyone hear any good news or bad about it???
  7. Wich system is better?

    thanks! Will it work ok with 10.4.7 or 10.4.8 the amd chip that is? I have only had experience with setting them up on celleron systems, and one p4. So is there anything differnt when setting up the amd?
  8. Wich system is better?

    in terms of being faster after its all said and done would the amd be faster? what about as in windows for gaming, what would be faster? im asking this becuase im giving one and keeping one to make a long story short, so im trying to see whate the best system to keep.
  9. Wich system is better?

    can you please answer the question. What system would you go with as they sit? and why?
  10. Wich system is better?

    why do you say the intel system? Seems like the amd system is more beefier? What if I upgrade the processor to a 3000 or a 3200 or even a 3400 and up the ram to 1gb
  11. Wich system is better?

  12. Wich system is better?

    systems, i have here in my room right now with blank hard drives. Im simply asking the question. Wich system would run osx smoother, and faster?
  13. Wich system is better?

    Ok, i have two system to choose from to install osx86 with wich would be the best system one gigabyte GA-K8U mobo amd 2800+ 64bit 128MB ATI RADEON 9000 128bit 512mb ddr 400 corsair 160gb 7200rpm 8mb system two asus p4s333-vm p4 1.7ghz 2 stick of ddr333 256mb Radeon 9000 128bit 160gb 7200rpm 8mb wich system would be better for osx and why? thanks guys!!
  14. I have a 2 part question first part is why is my firefox using so much ram with only one window open and one page viewing osx86 forum. second part you see I have alot of things running, Which of those services can I disable from starting up? I know how to get rid of services and stop them from booting. So wich of those can I say bye bye to? thanks guys!~
  15. Introduce Yourself

    Im corey, im 18, A an A+ certified computer tech. Im a certified pimp as well. I work at a cell phone shop by day, and on the side I hustle laptops and work on cars. Im into imports, muscle cars, Drifting, surfing, skateboarding. Mainly im a laid back guy, i like to do a little recreational experimental activities to expand my mental abilities and my mind set. I really enjoy watching movies like Waking life. IMDB it. Well my name is corey, im laid back not much of a problem starter, more a problem solver, im very quisitive and eager to tweak my machines and make then faster and find new ways to cut down on used hd space.