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Solved - Movies streamed via network lag - From osx to win7


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So I've been using my computer to host movies to one other computer.

I'm using osx 10.6.3, other computer is windows 7 64. Wired Network.

Movies are hosted on OSX, in Xvid or Divx format. Sinzes range from 800mb to 2.4 gigs.


My issue is that .avi movies are lagging when played in Windows through the network (more audio lag and hiccups then visual lag, but still get both). I've tried WMP, VLC and XBMC accessing the movies through SMB or with XBMC running on OSX and sharing through UPnP.


Previously, when hosting the movies through windows 7, they would not lag when being played on the other windows 7 computer. Problem is I don't want to run windows anymore (except through VMware Fusion).


Any Ideas. Yes, I am using my computer/internet as it is streaming over the network, yet this didn't lag when hosting with windows, so why with osx? I've read that osx has latency issues that basically make this impossible, but that comment was written in 2006, so is that still the case?


Is there a superior way to host the files from within osx to windows, without lag?


I tried the following, it did nothing.

sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0

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