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I currently run two machines which seems to have been worked on some in here but has dropped off the radar as it isn't a common system.


I have an older Dell Precision M6400 Covet with a Quad Core Extreme Processor 2.53Ghz processor with a 1GB nVidia FX3700M GPU. This is the system that I want to play around with. If you are not familiar with this system it has two drive bays in the system in which I can choose which one to boot up. So I have been playing around with the OSX86 for the heck of it. It's nice to load two different systems on two different drives and pick which one to boot from. My new Dell M6500 Covet has 3 drives. 2 - HDD and 1 SSD - its crazy but I want to leave it alone for now.


Back to the M6400. In the past I was able to load some of the common ones such as Universal Snow 3.5 and 3.6 and got it to work somewhat. The Preview never seemed to work and the Nvenabler 64bit kext didn't seem to help. I decided to wipe it after messing with it for a while to get things like Preview to work on it and Video playback hasn't been all that great. I got the card to at least be recognized for the 1GB of memory at least. But it didn't seem to help performance that much. I ran Xbench at around 112 score with everything ran. So after the fresh install using SnowOSXUniFlash 1.0 on a USB stick the Preview which has never worked finally worked. The only tweaks so far is the Sounds for IDT to get volume up/down to work correctly and NVENABLER 64bit kext to get the display working properly. The system is the snappiest I have ever had it and the Xbench score is now 189 points(not sure if this is good or not).


With everything running great now and I hate to mess it up with KP's by trying to mess around with the Sleep mode.


I have tried the sleepenabler, etc. Doesn't even want to restart on its down. It shutsdown mostly but leaves the screen blank.


Someone told me to try DSDT? Is this the way to go to get it to sleep so I do not have to shut it down every time close the lid.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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