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  1. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    I have a new M6500 Covet and the OSX86 is just blazing fast! The drive was on my M6400 and transfered the drive over to the second bay to boot seperately. The M6500 comes with the new Intel N6300 Pro Wireless Card. Are there are compatible drivers out there for it at the moment? I am sure there is not enough users of this type of card to warrant much effort but it doesn't hurt to ask. Anyone have any ideas how I can go about getting this to work? Once this is up and running it will the Ultimate Dual Boot machine. The last one was really fast but it wasn't like this. Both were Quad Core Extremes but the new i7 is amazingly fast with OSX86 Snow Leopard 10.6.2 Thank you!!
  2. I currently run two machines which seems to have been worked on some in here but has dropped off the radar as it isn't a common system. I have an older Dell Precision M6400 Covet with a Quad Core Extreme Processor 2.53Ghz processor with a 1GB nVidia FX3700M GPU. This is the system that I want to play around with. If you are not familiar with this system it has two drive bays in the system in which I can choose which one to boot up. So I have been playing around with the OSX86 for the heck of it. It's nice to load two different systems on two different drives and pick which one to boot from. My new Dell M6500 Covet has 3 drives. 2 - HDD and 1 SSD - its crazy but I want to leave it alone for now. Back to the M6400. In the past I was able to load some of the common ones such as Universal Snow 3.5 and 3.6 and got it to work somewhat. The Preview never seemed to work and the Nvenabler 64bit kext didn't seem to help. I decided to wipe it after messing with it for a while to get things like Preview to work on it and Video playback hasn't been all that great. I got the card to at least be recognized for the 1GB of memory at least. But it didn't seem to help performance that much. I ran Xbench at around 112 score with everything ran. So after the fresh install using SnowOSXUniFlash 1.0 on a USB stick the Preview which has never worked finally worked. The only tweaks so far is the Sounds for IDT to get volume up/down to work correctly and NVENABLER 64bit kext to get the display working properly. The system is the snappiest I have ever had it and the Xbench score is now 189 points(not sure if this is good or not). With everything running great now and I hate to mess it up with KP's by trying to mess around with the Sleep mode. I have tried the sleepenabler, etc. Doesn't even want to restart on its down. It shutsdown mostly but leaves the screen blank. Someone told me to try DSDT? Is this the way to go to get it to sleep so I do not have to shut it down every time close the lid. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I don't know what I am doing wrong for the mouse not to work. I have changed the VMX settings to FALSE and TRUE but still can't get the laptop mouse to function but the keyboard works. I am using the darwin.iso for Workstation 7 and OSX SL. I load using the SL OEM disc. It goes through all the loading and gets me to the language screen perfectly fine. I just can't get the mouse or pad to work. I have even plugged in a USB standard mouse to the laptop and still a no go. I have setup 6.53 workstation in the past and it worked out great. Just got a new laptop and wanted to give it a run again with VMWARE ver. 7 and OSX SL. Dell Precision M6500 Quad Core i7 Extreme. 1TB (dual drives) 8GB memory - 1GIG Nvidia FX 3800M GPU. I did a successful install of the OSXSL 10.6.2 on one drive with PCI 10.6. Still got to get the Graphics Driver to work correctly. But its pretty solid. A few sound issues(volume up/down) through the keys not working. Open GL not very fast. But overall a good experience. I have a MacBook Pro 2.8 Unibody as well. Just wanted to play around with this stuff on a PC. Any ideas that I should try? I am still a noob to this stuff but I like to learn.
  4. I have the Nvidia Quadro 3700M - not sure is that is the G92 or G94 - card. 1gig memory. In Dual booting it I can get it to recognize the 1GIG and Unknown Nvidia graphics display but I cannot get preview to work. Any ideas on how you go yours to work? I use Xee to preview but I would like for it to just work to know its correct. I don't use it much but I do like to fire it up and would like for it to just work. I know its an old thread but not too much activity on it since the Precision is not exactly a common machine.
  5. I have asked about this too. But in 10.6 and up they didn't display the QE/CI in the Profiler. I think they assumed it was already there since anything that was able to accept 10.6 and up was newer and would already have QE/CI installed. I have noticed at least on mine I can't get Preview.app to work. So I downloaded Xee and made that my default viewer. Still doesn't resolve my Preview.app. I heard that without True QE/CI it wouldn't work? Please someone correct me if I am wrong. I used Hazard's 10.6.2 as well. Also if anyone knows why OpenGL renders only through Apple Software Render. I assume its not getting the right card info? Sorry to thread jack. Similar situation instead of starting a new thread.
  6. Do I have QE/CI?

    Man my graphics drivers must suck. I can't get more than 17fps for the OpenGL test. I have an Nvidia Quadro FX3700M. Been having a hard time trying to get anything to really take to it. I ran the Xbench and got a 202 score. Not sure if that is good but I can't get past 17fps with the OpenGL test. You show avg. of 3K. I am really off! Any suggestions?
  7. Installed SnowOSX Universal

    If anyone has any idea please feel free to shoot me in the right direction. Can't take screen shot as preview will crash. Perhaps I need to provide the Extensions.kext to see what I might need to remove so i can get any video injector to work. I tried the EFI strings and what happens is that it will change my VRAM size but thats about it. I can't get 1920x1200 unless i put that string into the boot.plist for bootup and then my screen resolution will then appear as the same. If I remove that string then I can't get any video options outside of 1280x780 default. Even when I do perform an EFI string it will tell me that the Vendor is NVIDIA which is correct. I have a Nvidia Quadro FX3700M 1GIG video card which I heard is the same as the 8800GTX? But the Chipset Model always shows up as ATI RADEON 4890. No matter what I try to inject it won't. I had it working in Universal 3.5 even with QE - it didn't show up in the profiler (well at least from my own testing - PREVIEW was working). It crashed when I tried to update to 10.6.2 even removing DSMOS and Null, etc. it crashed. So I thought I would try the updated 10.6.2 but its been harder to get it to take the Graphics Injectors. Any one know why I can't change the video? No matter which program I use it always shows up ATI Radeon HD 4890. Should I post my kext extentions? Thank you.
  8. Installed SnowOSX Universal

    Thank you. I will try that out.
  9. Installed SnowOSX Universal

    I just installed Universal 10.6.2 v3.6 on my Laptop. The install went well. Had to put in sound with VoodooHDA but unlike the Universal v3.5 with 10.6 my processor is not detected correctly - do I (edit smbios?), RAM is not detected correctly, Graphics Card with NVinject, CoreVidia 1.1/1.2 can't seem to change the display from saying ATI4820 video card. My graphics card is a Nvidia Quadro FX3700M with 1GIG of RAM. With the Universal v3.5 10.6 many things showed correctly. Although with Snow Leopard the QE/CI doesn't show it was working - Preview was working. I ran a Xbench and got 110.7? Don't think that sounds good but the Open GL scored like a 57. The only reason I installed 10.6.2 was to update as my 10.6 to 10.6.2. Software updates would cause KP's that I could not resolve. It would KP before I could even press F8 and when I could get it to let me use commands such as -f -v -s - x, it would still KP. I tried the remove Null, etc. Still KP'd. I have installed OSX SL about 15 times so far to get the right combo. It seems the last install was the best install and should have left it alone and not update. But as it sits right now I have a 10.6.2 running copy that has only a few flaws in regards to the previous 10.6 install. I noticed the 10.6.2 puts the boot.plist into the Extra folder. So when I run the Kext. Tool does it know to find the Extra folder? I am wondering why when I try any injector that I cannot get it to stick. Any ideas? My laptop has two drives. One is for Windows 7 and the other drive is for OSX. I partitioned the OSX drive into 2 partitions and used SuperDuper to clone. I can't get to the second drive without having to insert a USB key and boot from a bootloader. The only problem with that is that the bootloader loads its own kexts and it causes problems. Should I copy my kexts to the bootloader as well? The Universal seems to run a pre-chameleon boot? Noob trying to learn. Thanks for any tips!
  10. USB Boot Snow Leopard

    Intel Q43 - with Intel SATA ICH9M - It is being detected correctly in the system profiler. I didn't install any additional driver kext for that. It was detected correctly. Video is a Nvidia Quadro FX3700M - 1GIG. Thank you.
  11. I am a total noob with the OSX installation process. I downloaded Universal SnowOSX v3.5 as I have tried to use Empire 1.0.8/ with my upgrade SL DVD and it would lock up at the F5 when searching for the DVD. It would sometimes work but mostly fail. The DVD is brand new no scratches etc. So D/L the universal snowOSX 3.5 with 10.6.0. I got it to boot up and i have it mostly working. I have it setup on a seperate drive on my laptop. I have a Dell M6400 Covet with two 750GB drives. I have Windows 7 running on one drive and OSX on the other. If I press f12 at bootup i get the option to select which drive I want to run. I have partitioned the OSX drive with two partitions MAC and MAC2. One is to load and try to keep stable and the other I made a copy with SuperDuper to upgrade and understand kext, kernels, etc. On the MAC2 drive I tried to update through Apple Update and it kernal panicked the system immediately and said nano....error as well as it couldn't determine the OS. I removed the SleepEnabler as mentioned in one of the articles that I read. I also did the NullSystem thing as well.That didn't help. I just continue to make copies of the MAC one partition while I am experimenting around with the MAC2 drive. I tried to replace the kernal and that stoped the initial KP but it just stays at the grey screen. I tried safe mode, single mode, etc. I made a USB boot drive with the SL OS on it and the RC3 boot but it won't boot. What I do like about it is that if I choose this to bootup first it provides me with a nice selection screen to boot what whatever drive I want. Instead of the F12 from Dell to choose which drive to boot up. I am afraid to try to update the booter loader on one of the drives to get the GUI selection that pop ups with the USB stick inserted. I will try to get a copy of the errors are they logged somewhere? I have also updated from the MAC boot to the MAC2 drive that Kp'd Chameleon RC3, RC4, etc. Still can't get it to boot up again once I have updated to 10.6.2 I know I am missing some info but just wondering if there is any insight to my issue? The first MAC boot is great. Works very fast but I can't get QE to work. Tried all kinds of injectors, Corevidia, NVInject and boot.plist with GraphicsEnabler strings. Not sure if I need it as it does recognize my 1GIG card and works fairly fast. Sound works fine as well and it recognizes my QuardCore Extreme Processor as well. The USB mouse works on every other boot though Sorry for being vague and if I should post this on the M6400 thread please move it. Thanks for any help. Dell Covet M6400 16GIG Memory (2) 750 (non-raid) 7200 Hitachi drives. 1GIG FX3700M Nvidia Quadro 17" LCD LED Edge to Edge Intel Quad Core Extreme 2.53GHz
  12. I am still learning this stuff so I apologize if its elementary to some. I followed instructions on how to create a USB boot drive for Snow Leopard. I used Chameleon RC4 and a custom boot file(recommended by Adam at lifehcaker). Anyways. The USB stick books up fine but it cannot see my HDD. I have a 500Gib drive that is brand new just for testing the OSX installation process. I get to the place where I need to install and use Disk Utility but the only drive that shows up is the install USB drive. I cannot see the disks. If I use Empire 1.08 to boot up and use the SL DVD it will boot up. The 1.08 is an older version so I wanted a newer version and perhaps it would recognize my Quadro 3600 card and use Q/E. Version 1.08 did not have Q/E or memory, processor right. I just tried 1.085 from Prasys with Chameleon RC4 and it gives me memory issues as soon as I press F5 to boot the SL DVD. I tried the legacy 1.085 as well and that didn't work. Any ideas why the USB boot would load all the way up to the Install/Disk util but it cannot see the drive? As I mentioned earlier in the Empire 1.08 will recognize the drives. My BIOS is a Dell BIOS that isn't highly configurable. So I don't have many choices to turn off or on. It is set to ACHI/AHCI(sorry can't remember which at the moment). Thank you for any assistance.
  13. Yes I have set the settings to not sleep and display to not go to screen saver. I didn't set it for 3 hrs just turned it off. I am trying to pay additional attention to when it does this to pinpoint it. What are offtopic rants?
  14. Mac you are pompous Just kidding - and no - Shaekespear wasn't right when he said "in all jest there is truth." I thought the PS/2 was a fix for both mouse/keyboard. I will have to try to check into that and reload a new ISO and create a new machine with the updates. My keyboard.mouse will time out if I am working outside of the VMWARE OSX environment for a little bit. It works back and forth great and then all of a sudden no mouse/keyboard input in the OSX VM window. I have to reboot and get it back. I run Windows 7 and I REALLY like it but like you I LOVE technology so I like to experiment. Also I support IT issues from time to time when I am not designing networks. So it's nice to fire up XP, Vista, OSX and be able to know what people are talking about when I offer to help. I have been virtualizing servers for a while now but its always nice to play in something new(MAC OSX). I don't need to make it right but I like to know that it is RIGHT and how to tweak it and make it better. We are of the same flock in regards to technologies. So I welcome any input. Notice I excused my ignorance It was my hall pass from being blasted. All contributions are much appreciated and I hope to have some info while playing around with settings that might be of use for someone sooner or later. I can't wait for the new ISO from Donk. Chameleon based? Hmmm.
  15. Excuse my ignorance on this. Would the PS2 mouse fix resolve the issue where i cannot press and hold down to draw anything inside Photoshop? I am new to this - Since I run this inside VMware 7.0 - getting the processor to be recognized as well as the Video card is not going to happen? The reason I am saying that is that I know that preview requires QE? Just fumbling my way around as best that I can. I know it sounds elementary but I am trying to learn without asking too much. I have managed to get OSX SL loaded, it's not too bad in speed. I know the VRAM 128MB has nothing to do with the actual. But obviously I cannot preview, tried to load Silverlight and it said I am on a PowerPC? not an Intel? I have a Quad Core 2.53 processor with a 1G FX3700m by Nvidia. Sound is working fine. Things are not too bad as speed goes for being in VM. Shared folders works with VMTOOLs with Snow Darwin. It's more of the Video that I am trying to get right. I have loaded the 1.2.2 update SVGAII. I consider myself a long way in this from just starting to learn OSX and Darwin less than a week ago. Thanks for any help and once again for the support.