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[GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Acer Aspire 5720


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1. First prepare your 8GB flash Drive.


Split on one single GUID Partition, and name it…for example "Snow"


Restore your Snow Leopard on that newly created USB Dirive

(source: Snow Leo 10.6 installer, target: USB HDD "Snow")





2. After that, install Chameleon 2 RC 4 (inside folder)

3. Copy boot and extra folder inside.



Restart Laptop and boot from USB Stick.


4. When laptop boots from USB HDD, erase and partition your Internal HDD (one partition, GUID) and start install.


5. After install finish, restart, and in bootloader (chameleon) choose your newly Internal HDD (macintosh HD or Untitled…)


6. After welcome screen, install a Chameleon 2 RC4 on Internal HDD.


7. Install a MacOSX 10.6.3 v 1.1 combinied update.




8. After computer boots again, don't yet unplug your USB HDD.to


9. From USB HDD copycom.apple.Boot.plist to Extra.


remove HDA Enabler.kext and AppleHDA.kext from S/L/E


10. WIth a kexthelper install install all kept except Network ("BCM")



11. Check if trackpad, keyboard and audio work. If not, try again.


The point is to remove AppleHDA kexts and put voodoo!!!

After that….first install AppleBCM5787MEthernet.kext




12. After reboot, you will notice a new Netwrok interface in Network preference, but with non operational DHCP!!




13. After reboot, go to S/L/E-IONetworkingfamiliy, "Show package content"-Contents-Plugins-and replace AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext




After that, you will have a full working LAN Ethernet!




Tottaly Vanila, works all, in my case I have a Broadcom WiFI, instead of atheros, so everytinh works well. Crystaleye cam works with camtwist hack…


maybe in future, webcam will work OOTB.


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