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remapping keys

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Sorry to say, but I'm completely confused as to how this works. I have special development application that requires me to press shift-ctrl-alt-righclick on order to enter the development mode. I'd like to map this to a specific FN key.


In another thought, I often press the Apple-Command key when I have to press Control. The Command key seems to have no particular use inside Windows (who the h*ll actually uses the "Windows Start" key?). I'd like to map Command to do the same as pressing Control. Any way to do this?


thanks much..

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I would like to remap Fn to left ctrl and vice versa (to swap the Fn and the left ctrl key), but I can't find the key Fn on the list of keys and Input Remapper would not recognize the Fn key when it waits for a keyboard input.


Normally I would use the config wizard but for some reason I don't see the config wizard on this MBP. I made a post about this problem here: 



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