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  1. Input Remapper future

    Actually the most important thing I want is just the ability to switch fn and left ctrl lol.... Also being able to swap those 2 keys in Mac OS X would be nice as well.
  2. Pretty Sure Input Remapper broke my ability to log in

    Usually when I have a problem like that I use the on-screen keyboard and manually click each button. But I forgot if XP has that.
  3. remapping keys

    *Bump* I would like to remap Fn to left ctrl and vice versa (to swap the Fn and the left ctrl key), but I can't find the key Fn on the list of keys and Input Remapper would not recognize the Fn key when it waits for a keyboard input. Normally I would use the config wizard but for some reason I don't see the config wizard on this MBP. I made a post about this problem here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=0#entry1129743
  4. Basic Install / Setup Question

    I'm not sure if this is the same problem I have, but pretty much I can't seem to find the Wizard option at all. I used to use the Wizard config to rearrange the bottom left keys (fn, ctrl, alt, apple). I used Input Remapper v1.03 (I think) before on my 2nd gen MBP, but on my new 4th gen (the newest one with the black-keyboard) MBP, the Wizard option is nowhere to be found on v1.04. When I right click the Input Remapper icon, I only get 4 options: Configure, Mac Book Setting, Enable Remapping, and Quit. My MBP has a standard American keyboard. Here is my device ID: HID\VID_05AC&PID_0236&REV_0077&MI_00&Col01 HID\VID_05AC&PID_0236&MI_00&Col01 HID_DEVICE_SYSTEM_KEYBOARD HID_DEVICE_UP:0001_U:0006 HID_DEVICE I'm running Windows Vista Business Edition Service Pack 1.
  5. Input Remapper 1.0.04 Release

    This may be slightly off topic, but: Does anyone know how to switch Ctrl and Fn keys *in Mac OS X*? I have seen program that makes the Fn key also Ctrl but not any program that will switch it. I'm so used to the remapped keys in Windows using Input Remapper that I want the same remapping on Mac OS X too. Basically I want to do the following in Mac: Switch Fn and LCtrl Make Enter as RCtrl and that's it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.