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Please Help! Updated to 10.6.3 and wont boot up! with no backup :(

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Hello everyone I had a Hackintosh on a ex58-ud5, i7 920 and ati 4850 video card.. It was running fine last night and it was on 10.6.2 and my son accidently clicked the software update to 10.6.3 now all its doing is while its trying to boot up it just comes up to a screen to reboot. Will not boot up into the OS just right after the boot loader it happens.. I have no backup so if someone can please help!! Ive tried to boot in -x mode and that wont work either.. is there anything i can do without restoring?

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2nd or 3rd post on this today. Why are you posting this more than once?

I'll say what I said in the other post:

'A lesson learned?

Always have an alternative boot method whenever you are updating. I have a Leo install and a boot DVD. Don't you have a boot DVD that you can run Terminal from?

If not you'll have to find one in this forum for your mobo and burn it in Windows.'

Always do a bit of research before updating. Going to 10.6.3 is no problem as long as you find out a couple of things before you do it.

I know you're blaming your son, but .....

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