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  1. Yep, no problem for me either. Went straight in!
  2. Like Scott, I wonder has anyone tried updating yet?
  3. 10.6.6 OK here as well. No patching required for sound (I use Voodoo) or Yukon. What is the Yukon patch for anyway?
  4. Fabio, does that mean everything is OK to install 10.6.5? The file link in that thread to the bootloader doesn't work any more.
  5. Anyone tried the 10.6.5 beta on our board?
  6. Guys, a quick aside. Is the 1003 BIOS OK to upgrade to? Any issues? Thanks.
  7. I updated too, and everything is fine. Seems faster, but could be the placebo effect!
  8. Is there any way of hiding (unmounting?) Windows drives from Finder so that all the OS X stuff - like all the .Trash type files - doesn't get written to the drives?
  9. imacken

    everything works... except..

    Eh, it's in his signature!
  10. If you want my opinion, remove the Voodoo Wireless kexts. They just don't work. Although Mercurysquad is supposedly working on fixes, I can't see it myself. A few people have got them to work, but even then, it has to be on unsecured networks. For me, on my laptop that uses the 3945, a £10 USB wireless adaptor was the answer. BTW, if you want the latest from MercurySquad, it's best to look at the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/mercurysquad/130654692121
  11. imacken

    NTFS-3G, MacFUSE, or other?

    No, no, no! Use that method at your own peril. It is very dangerous. I and many others have had all sorts of difficulties with that, i.e. file and disk corruption. I had to reinstall Windows after using that method many months ago. Apple would have used that officially if it was reliable. Paragon NTFS is the way to go.
  12. It's almost certainly because I use VoodooHDA for my X-Fi Extreme. I don't use the internal audio at all.
  13. No problems updating to 10.6.4 here. Sleep/restart/shutdown/audio/frame rate - all working with no adjustments at all. Just a straight update.
  14. imacken

    best drivers for Nvidia

    Just following on from Beerkex't's link to our previous thread, since then I have done various tests using DSDT string patching, and for me, the test results with GraphicEnabler are as good as anything else I have tried. So, for simplicity, that is what I use. (Still can't get Mirror Display to work with anything though!)
  15. imacken

    NTFS-3G, MacFUSE, or other?

    From what I've read there have been a lot of improvements since v6.5.