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Screwed up my boot. Please help!


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I was in the process of cleaning up and organizing files when I decided (big mistake) to try hide the boot files required for chameleon I'm assuming.


I used an app which you drag files/folders onto to hide them, I'm not sure exactly what files they were but they are the ones that sit in your ~ directory. From memory they included..




dht.something (started with d thats all i remember)

and some others


Some got hidden and others said permissions denied. Anyway! I'm sure you know what files I'm talking about.. After a reset I can no longer boot, it just comes up with that grey box "you need to restart etc"


How can I undo this? Hopefully without having to reinstall anything.


Please please please help I need it running for work.


Thank you!!




Ok I tried undoing what I did by using my laptop and an external hd case and running the app again and unhiding the files but no luck. I'm thinking I need to reinstall chameleon or maybe leopard.


Btw my computer was build around this



I thought I won't touch anything until someone gives me a heads up before I do some more damage haha.

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Do you have a Time Machine Backup?

If not.......shame on you! :)


Boot 10.5x install disc


select utilities, restore from backup.


restore your system.


reboot into Leopard. (no bootloader so you need to keep the install disc in drive to boot)


Install Chameleon


Repair permissions



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