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flashing bios from parallels

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I'm having some problems using 3 dimms of memory in my hackintosh. System profiler detects 3 dimms, but activity monitor only 2...


My mobo is a gigabyte ex58 ud3r


Anyway, I decided to flash the bios of the mobo to see if that helps. The thing is I downloaded an exe from gigabyte and I don't have windows installed in my hackintosh.


Will I be able to flash the bios from parallels or fusion?

Do I have to install windows in a new partition to do that?

What about using an ultimate boot cd or something like that?



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Parallels or VMware uses a virtualised enviroment, which means it 'emulates' a real computer, and you cannot flash your BIOS from a virtualised enviroment.


What you could do, is to see if the .exe contains files you need to put an a USB drive. Gigabyte motherboards allow BIOS upgrades through USB, check out the Gigabyte site or the manual if you don't know how to do this.


As a last note, how much RAM do you have installed in your computer and could you do the following for me:


Open 'Terminal'

Typ 'top' and press enter.


Paste the output of the command here.

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Yeah I imagined that a virtual machine in a higher layer couldn't do that.... but I wasn't really sure.


According to gigabyte the qflash cna only be used from a floppy... if I can do it from a USB then great!


Here's the info from top about the memory. As you can see only 8gb, and not 12Gb as it should.


MemRegions: 7878 total, 400M resident, 19M private, 188M shared. PhysMem: 804M wired, 512M active, 290M inactive, 1606M used, 6835M free.




Edit: I can't flash bio from usb, only from floppy... I haven't had a floppy for years in my computers <_<


Reedit: It seems Qflash is not the same version accessing from inside the bios, or from the splash screen... In the one at the splash screen I couldn't load it from a USB either, but I could from a small fat 32 partition I left unused for installing windows at some point.


So I flashed the bios with no problems, but still can't use the 12Gb of ram... sigh

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