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  1. mdnz01

    How does Hyperthreading work?

    Yes, it's reconized as additional CPUs. I'm using the vanilla kernel and my i7 shows 8 cores in activity monitor.
  2. mdnz01

    10.4 to 10.6

    You can just do a clean install with the Snow Leo DVD (Read: No upgrade with keeping your settings, so make sure you backup before). Make sure you have an Intel Mac though.
  3. mdnz01

    Which EFI to use?

    Chameleon is mostly used, search the forum a bit for information to get you started.
  4. mdnz01

    Save Verbose Mode messages?

    They're in /var/log/kernel.log
  5. mdnz01

    System Update?

    What are your specs? If you have an AMD computer you need to do more than just update Sleepenabler.
  6. One of the magnificent things about PCs is that you can upgrade them. 400w would be a very bare minimum for this system.
  7. mdnz01

    Power Management Help

    Remove nullcpupowermanagement.kext if you want to have speedstep.
  8. I don't think that possible in your situation to be honest... I'd suggest you just buy an extra $40 drive and slap Snow leopard on that, saves a lot of headaches, worth more than $40 in my opinion.
  9. No. Use a virtual machine instead if you don't have a real mac.
  10. mdnz01

    Install DSDT?

    After installation, place it in / or in /Extra.
  11. mdnz01

    You know apple knows you pirated when...

    I don't think the autorities give two {censored} about what OS you're running. Unless you're some big company, you'll be fine. Seriously, have you ever been caught pirating a game or downloading music ? Nope, thought so.
  12. mdnz01

    Gentlemen: I took one for the team.

    You can also fake your user agent to get in using any browser or OS.
  13. mdnz01

    Best 10.6 hardware to use

    Hmm okay it's your choice.
  14. mdnz01

    Best 10.6 hardware to use

    You didn't understand what I was saying, right? Using the Radeon will give you a 0% chance of your build work properly.
  15. mdnz01

    Best 10.6 hardware to use

    Graphics card isn't gonna work. Try out an Nvdia GTX 2xx if you're looking for both performance and compitability in OS X.