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BBM for iPhone

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Im a BB User and Im trying to change to iPhone. But Im kinda into Blackberry because of the BBM. I know its ridicolous but its kinda cool. Anyways I found a video with like only 2k views saying that you can easily send messages from BBM to your iPhone. So my question: IS that FAKE or REAL? I guess its fake but im so naiv.. anyways tell me guys!


Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3QE-krT5gI


(PS: It looks pretty real.)



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It is kind of fake. It is using BBM but it is still just a SMS. Blackberry users have the option of adding SMS contacts to their list of contacts that is simply all it is.

As a current Storm user I can tell you this, when you open BBM it shows your contacts those that are true BBM users with a BB show the little BB logo next to their name.

The contacts that are SMS users (such as the iPhone) show a small logo of a black outline of a cell phone this reminds you that they are a SMS contact.

Furthermore inside the message that he sent to the iPhone you can see that it shows SMS Character counter 160 1/7, this is obviously the standard SMS setup on ATT.

A true BBM does not have a character count nor any limit to length to the message sent between BBs.

And last but not least as "kmare" noted there is no delivery or read confirmation on the BB. This is a small D or R above the check mark.

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Use WHATSAPP for the iPhone.... yes it costs a few quid BUT once downloaded you can send text messages / pictures / voice snippets to other iPhone Users PLUS if the people with BB download the app from Blackberry World you can also send messages to iPhone users as well.


I already do this with the boyfriend who has a BB 8900 and I have the iPhone 3gs. Works a treat PLUS as it uses either your wireless/data bundle you don’t pay any extra i.e. NO MORE SMS charges. :D




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