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Unreal Tournament 3 proof of concept

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After allot of testing which of course ended up in big fail many times I finally got UT3 running on my Mac.Yes running on Mac OS X ( 10.6.3 ).Below is a video that will show that it's possible to run this game but please don't mind the bad graphics when I run this game.My Mac is old and has out-dated hardware.




Anyway I hope to get out a wrapper soon so everyone can enjoy this game on OS X.When I do I'll let you know in this thread...

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unreal tournament 3 is already on TPB


The difference is that in time that i'll be offering just the wrapper which I continue to update unlike the one on TPB which is very big in download ( 7.1GiB ) and mine will be about 150mb.With my wrapper you can import your own game files from a Windows PC and you can use your own legal cd-key.


Second the port on TPB does not work for everyone if I believe what people are saying about it so therefore I'll continue this thread with future updates when I release more and more stable wrappers for this game.The most difficult thing to do is to apply patches which sometimes do work and sometimes don't.But like I said this is just a proof of concept of my wrapper...not a working one for the public.

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Is that a Cider Wrapper because that would be a lot better than the one on TPB.



Nope im not using a Cider one, im going to use a Wineskin wrapper since that one is something I know how to use.I don't know what kind of wrapper the one uses on TPB but it seems that you already have tested it.Anyway when I'm releasing it i'll let it know on this thread.


Second I'm going to need some testers in the future for those that are interested let me know about it on this threat or visit my site....Thanks in advance.... ;)

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There's a pretty good Cider Wrapper for this game available from theportingteam.com



I know that their are other wrappers on the web for this game and I do not claim to be the first one as well.Second if people have better expirience with the wrapper you are pointing too then they are free to do so.


The reason I built my own is just for fun and just to help others to run this game.And in the long run I'm going to write a step by step guide for people who want to learn how to build their own wrapper for this game as well.


But nevertheless it's a good point to say that their is a cider one already....now the mass has more options to run this game :D

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