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out-of-box video / display card for Snow

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Hi. After many tries, and nights awake, I was just abble to get Snow Leopard running on my AMD machine with all eight opteron cores working! I've used the Hazard install with Legacy Kernel and it just works!


But, I'm on on-board video right now, and I'm planning to buy a cheap video board tomorrow. I don't need lots of horse power, as I mainly work with audio, so... I wanted a video card that would work out of the box (or with minimum patching) with my Hazard installation.


If you could take a look and tell me if you have any experiences with any of those cards in the link, that would really help me. This is what I can buy locally for cheap (did I mention I'm broke?):




Anyway, I'm really thankfull if anyone take the time to jhave a look and let me know wich direction. This is not my first OSX installation, but I have always used onboard in all systems, with VESA at 1-24x768x16bit, so I'm really lost with all tghose threads about video injection, etc... I also consider myself a computer dumb. So, please, help a computer dumb today!


Thanks on advance.

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Hi rafafre


You can go in for any of the cards suggested by will1384

If you have to buy from the link u posted then I recommend you this Zotac 9500 model:




But, considering cost to performance, any of the 8800GT, 9800GT or their GTX / GTS variants will do.

MInimal patching. even simple EFI string pasting gets the work done!

And they are pretty blazing fast too!



Freaky Chokra :robot;

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