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Harware compatibility of Processor and DVD drive?

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I have a few questions about hardware compatibility I would really appreciate if someone could help :D


-I have a Intel D915GUX on its way along with a celeron D 331 2.66ghz processor, Are these compatible the reason I ask is that the 331 is NOT listed on the D915GUX's list of compatible processor's on intel's site which I find weird as I thought the processor could take any socket 775 chip....


-The second question is about a Sony DDU1615 DVD-ROM I was wondering if this would boot the install DVD and work in OS X for the time being as I don't really have the cash to cough up for a Pioneer DVR just yet.....I aussume it would work but the reason I have my doubts is that I have tried using it on an old Powermac G4 in which it worked fine except it refused to boot any OS X install disc's, but hopefully things are different on Hackintoshes....


Anyway hopefully someone can help and thanks in advance,


ShadoW :star_smile:  

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