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[SELL] E6750 2.67ghz // EP45-DS3L // 8gb Ballistix DDR2 // AC Freezer 7 pro


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Hi all, I'm offering my parts here for a week or 2 before I stick them on eBay.


I am happy to sell the whole bundle or separate items.

For sale:

- Intel Core2Duo E6750 @ 2.67ghz a highly rated core2, fantastic reviews all round

- Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L lga775 motherboard, CARTRI 0.7H BIOS FLASHED!

- 8gb of Crucial Ballistix DDR2 (4x 2gb) with 2 blue+ 2 red heatspreaders

- Arctic Freezer 7 PRO rev 1 (LGA 775) used but clean. Will include some heat compound


The motherboard has a much better passive Zalman northbridge heatsink to replace the stock Gigabyte one (but I will include original heatsink anyway!). Rear I/O panel will be included, and Manual too.


Feel free to PM me also for any other queries. Pictures can be uploaded if required, let me know.




I have a good sense of what value each item would fetch on eBay, so please make your offers sensibly!


Here is a rough idea of what I'd expect:

- CPU = £40

- Motherboard = £45

- 8gb DDR2 = £40

- AC Freezer = £8


P+P will be extra according to total weight, though I am always honest with that charge. Items would be well packaged.


Many thanks for looking, hope you find something of interest :)


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