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  1. abezors

    Triple monitors with ATI Radion 5000, 5xxx

    Surprised no one else has replied too.. Well the new Mac Pros have just been released with 5770 graphics, and you may already know the new iMacs use 5750. Apple advertises the triple monitor feature so I would expect full support soon if not already. I've had a 5770 for a while, just waiting for the official driver release (haven't managed to get it working yet, gave up for now). Depending what you want 3 screens for, I'd go for the 5770 since it has more memory (needed for high resolutions) - also it's only an extra £20 or £30 more than 5750 last time I checked. Not a very helpful reply I know, but just hang in there I'm sure you'll find something useful. I expect the next OS update will sort the 5 series out.
  2. abezors

    The path of least resistance....

    I don't actually have that card, but just a quick few thoughts... You say the other DVI port doesn't work - physically broken or just not recognised in OS X? If it's not physically broken, you *should* be able to enable it. This may take some time customising graphics strings. Alternatively, there may be some DSDT method available. If it's been done before, then you will find a working method either here or other forums/blogs. Indeed, the HDMI output might be enabled the same way (as HDMI is pretty much DVI with sound capability). I had HDMI working on my geforce even though its graphics strings had it specified as a Dual DVI card - so give graphics strings a go and you may be in luck
  3. Hi all, I'm offering my parts here for a week or 2 before I stick them on eBay. I am happy to sell the whole bundle or separate items. For sale: - Intel Core2Duo E6750 @ 2.67ghz a highly rated core2, fantastic reviews all round - Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L lga775 motherboard, CARTRI 0.7H BIOS FLASHED! - 8gb of Crucial Ballistix DDR2 (4x 2gb) with 2 blue+ 2 red heatspreaders - Arctic Freezer 7 PRO rev 1 (LGA 775) used but clean. Will include some heat compound The motherboard has a much better passive Zalman northbridge heatsink to replace the stock Gigabyte one (but I will include original heatsink anyway!). Rear I/O panel will be included, and Manual too. Feel free to PM me also for any other queries. Pictures can be uploaded if required, let me know. I have a good sense of what value each item would fetch on eBay, so please make your offers sensibly! Here is a rough idea of what I'd expect: - CPU = £40 - Motherboard = £45 - 8gb DDR2 = £40 - AC Freezer = £8 P+P will be extra according to total weight, though I am always honest with that charge. Items would be well packaged. Many thanks for looking, hope you find something of interest Gigabyte motherboard pageIntel CPU page Crucial Ballistix DDR2 Arctic Freezer page
  4. abezors

    Performance Update 1.0

    If I were you I'd start a new thread for your problem. I don't mean to be rude More people will be able to help you, plus it's not related to this topic at all so...
  5. abezors

    Which board fits into which case?

    There's many G4 mods on this forum so ATX should fit fine. I was looking at one last night that was a normal ATX motherboard - even fitting the standoffs properly without any problem (think it was a Gigabyte UD45-P something...)
  6. abezors

    Which board fits into which case?

    I have a spare Graphite G4 case available, if you would like I can open it up and take some measurements - it's your call. I can't honestly remember without looking, but it should fit a standard ATX mobo. You might have some problems with the motherboard standoffs being in different places than the ATX standard specifies, depends whether Apple hardware follows the standards (I don't remember anymore) Also, they have a clever internal design where certain bits like CPU heatsinks are shaped to fit against the CD drive bay, not sure if that would be a problem... You might have a massive Scythe cooler for example. Oh yeah, and in G3 and G4 cases the motherboard is fitted to the hinged side panel/door (amazing idea IMHO), so issues may arise when you try to close the door back up and your hardware is getting stuck! PS I think the G3 and G4 have identical chassis designs, there may be slight variations inside. Hope that's helped
  7. Yes, that was my original idea. But what I wanted to know was whether that would work or not - if acrylic is an electrical insulator, doesn't that mean it can't be grounded? I'm trying to get my head around it all, its quite confusing.
  8. Thanks for the replies It's mainly a Physics topic I suppose. I'm not concerned about discharging static when I open up the case, but whether a charge will build up over time as the dry air passes over the surface of plastic. But as you say, there are many plastic components inside already. I'm hoping it won't be a problem if the surface is touching the bare circuit solder pads either (well, we shall see!).
  9. abezors

    big problem (i think its efi)

    I can barely understand you.. But you get a bluescreen of death when you try to install XP or win 7? Why install XP if you already have Win 7? If you're having problems installing XP - wrong forum. If you're having problems installing Windows 7 - wrong forum. I don't think it's EFI somehow... I wasn't going to reply but it's nothing to do with Snow Leopard. Try a Windows forum
  10. abezors


    Judging from the way that you listed your complete PC spec I'd guess that you're not an advanced user... Is installing OS X right for you? I can't advise. But if you feel ready for the leap into a better world, I'd suggest reading the compatible hardware wiki. You should be able to find it
  11. abezors

    Performance Update 1.0

    I've never actually had much luck with the auto DSDT patchers, I've always done it manually. I have been digging into my DSDT a bit more now though, so I'll try and correct the problem. I knew the Apple firmware update wouldn't work, but wanted to find the issue it addressed - since it's only nForce boards anyway, it doesn't matter. Looks like I'll be getting to know my DSDT a little better this weekend... Thanks for your replies anyway
  12. abezors

    8 Core Hackintosh Parts

    I'm guessing that was sarcasm... But why aimed at me ? I don't throw a few thousand towards a new computer, but the OP has a huge budget by the sound of it. If he's able to spend that much, lucky him. I was just suggesting the most efficient method so he gets the most for his money. I spent £300 on mine (less than $500).
  13. abezors

    Performance Update 1.0

    My DSDT is already patched and thought it was fine, but I will do it all again in this case. Though that link you provided may be a different problem I'm not sure (plus mine's a Gigabyte board). Basically some apps will freeze up for a few seconds every couple of minutes. Thanks for the suggestion though, I will give it a go.
  14. Apple released a fix for the intermittent HDD stall bug I've been plagued with in SL woo ! It's a 300k Performance Update 1.0 I went to install their fix but - it's a firmware patch apparently. It won't install as "Your computer does not have eligible hardware." If it's a firmware patch I guess I can't do anything about it. But if anybody knows a work-around it'd be helpful... I get stalls and slow HDD activity every couple of minutes.
  15. abezors

    8 Core Hackintosh Parts

    I don't think you understand... Have you ever owned a real Mac? You may think "my custom build is gonna be fine, no worries with compatibilities it'll be perfect" etc etc, but it's honestly isn't plain sailing. There's always at least one issue (sound not working fully, worries about Software Update). If I had as much money as you, I'd get a real one NO question - you will get 100% compatibility AND great support from Apple! Not to mention meticulously designed hardware. BTW, a basic Mac Pro is only $2,499... And I'm aware Apple overcharges for any upgrade ($100 for a DVD/RW drive?!). Thus, if I were you, buy it minimally configured for $2499. Then add your own hardware. You can stick your 2nd Xeon in there, more RAM and HDD no problem at all - AND at a fraction of the cost. Plus you still get your satisfaction from building. Oh, and you can sell your unwanted bits like the retail Geforce for a small fortune! I own 8 real Macs, and have built a couple of osx86 machines also.