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AMD 64x2 3400+, 2.2Ghz

4GB DDR2 1024Mhz RAM

nVidia GeForce 9800GT 1GB

aBit KN9 mobo

iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition


Hi there,


So, my install has been pretty successful. Everything seems to work fine, CI/QE works perfect, multiple displays work, it runs smooth and fast, even in parallels with Windows 7.


I have not had any issues with the system until updates, I haven't used any updates that pop up from apple for Mac OS X, I will update certain applications such as iTunes, Quicktime, Garageband etc. etc. (some iLife components do not update succesfully, but that's not a big deal.) They will update fine, but when I restart the OS after the updates it seems to mess with Chameleon v2 which I use to boot and than it can't find the OS or says there is no OS.


I promptly fixed the issue by booting my iDeneb disk again and reinstalling Chameleon and that fixed the issue, I was able to run Leopard again with the updates installed and I tested and it has been booting fine ever since.


What I would like to know is, in future updates is there a way I can avoid this? Because I'm sure I was just lucky with being able to reinstall Chameleon and I have Time Machine working and backing up my files, so I'm not overly worried.



On a side note (and this has happened since I used windows.) Whenever I put a DVD into my system the computer will shut off, I believe it may be a power supply issue, as I have a very small one (230w) and I have swapped DVD drives to test. However, when I use an OS disc it seems to be fine, Windows 7 disk never shuts off the computer, but Mac OS X will shut it off on occasion. I'm just wondering if anyone maybe has had experience with something like this and if that is indeed the issue.


Thank You.

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Definitely get a stronger Power Supply, at least 400 Watts. I'm surprised your 230W holds up at all with the hardware you have, it must be a really good quality PSU.


As someone else said around here somewhere, this is probably the best PSU in the world right now (unless you need more wattage of course):



...then install Chameleon 2.0, you can follow my guide here:


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