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Snow Leopard won't show my extra IDE HDD

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I was able to install Snow Leopard on my i7 920 with a GA-Ex58-UD5, I used Empire EFI after trying a few other ways. Everything is working great. Thanks to all the people who put in the work to allow me to do so. The one problem I am having is that I have a IDE HDD that has some photos and other files on it that I use for work. When I boot up my computer it recognizes it as one of my bood drive options. After I select the SATA drive that I installed SL onto it doesn't show up. It's not even recognized in the disk utility. Is there a kext file that I need or should I go out and get and external case and just use firewire to access the drive. Any help would be appreciated. Again thanks to all the people who did the foot work for me to use OS X on my home built PC.

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