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Airport (PCI) on PPC Powermac G5 on 10.5.8

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Hello, I have bought on ebay two powermac g5, one for profit and the other one for selling everything inside and just keeping the G5 Case for a modding project.

Since I'm trying to maximize my profit, I'm upgrading it with:


- Geforce 5200 ---> Modded Radeon 9800 XT Card, with PPC bios it works just perfect :D

- 2 x 512 ---> 4 x 512 (RAM from the second one will be put inside the first)

- 80 GB ---> 750 GB :D (maybe that was too much, but it's a 7200.11... I don't want such a misfortunate serie anymore :D still in warranty, though... )


I want to put a PCI card for adding it wireless capability. Which one should I try? Which chipset is compatible with 10.5.8 with PPC driver?


I have a native Atheros card, 5008, the very one that Apple put inside a lot of macbook and inside apple wireless router.

That is working natively in Snow Leopard, and it SHOULD work with leopard, since it vendor id and product id are already matched inside the plist of the atheros 802.11 kext.

But... It's not working! It is listed as an unknow card below PCI cards.


I suspect that Atheros drivers were only meant for Macintel machines.


Have you had any experience? I need to know a perfectly working chipset, I can even modify it's eeprom before putting inside the G5 since I know how to use Linux and compat-wireless tools.


If someone would be kind to post some experience, or some compatible-for-sure chipset, I would be very glad.


Thank you!

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