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Sound problems

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I have been struggling to get sound to work on my 10.6.3. I was close to getting it to work today, infact it actually worked, but I thought I'd reboot to see if it works again, upon loading OS X There was no sound again, no audio devices in system preferences sound pane or profiler when it worked before I rebooted.


I then checked the plugins folder of AppleHDA to see appleHDA.kext.bak and AppleHDA.kext, I deleted AppleHDA.kext and restored AppleHDA.kext.bak, repaired perms and rebooted, BAM! Kernal Panic.


I'm certain I was using this kext on 10.6.2 without problems: http://www.kexts.com/view/137-alc888_p35-ds3l.html

10.6.3 it stopped working


I have tried:

reinstalling this kext, but all I get is the same kernal panics

reinstalling OS X 10.6.2 and using it, even that started the kernal panicking on boot

editing the codec verbs within this AppleHDA.kext, that worked once as I put above but after another reboot it stopped working.


I have the ALC888S audio chip


here are the verbs

Address 0 codec verbs for future reference

01471C10 01471D40 01471E01 01471F01 01571C60 01571D10 01571E01 01571F01 01671C70 01671D60 01671E01 01671F01 01771C80 01771D20 01771E01 01771F01 01871C40 01871D90 01871EA1 01871F01 01971C90 01971D90 01971EA1 01971F01 01A71C50 01A71D30 01A71E81 01A71F01 01B71C20 01B71D40 01B71E21 01B71F01 01D71CA0 01D71DE0 01D71E05 01D71F40 01E71C30 01E71D40 01E71E45 01E71F01


-Courtesy of atlee from his Legacy HDA solution (now abandoned on this site and he's gone awol)his Legacy HDA for Address 0 has also not been successful for me and I haven't a clue why.


(when I installed I changed all the letters to Lowercase as I've seen what was originally there used all lower case letters, not sure that it matters though :/ )


Just recently I have had trouble getting VoodooHDA to work. I had it working once but then I wasn't overly impressed with it's performance - I tried to get different variations of this to work but without luck again.


I could rip my hair out and cry right now as I was so close to having sound back. Without sound it's no good to me.


If you need logs or anything, Please let me know.


Thank you,




P.S. I am running OS X without any kind of DSDT.

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