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  1. GTX670 OpenGL Problem.

    Thank you Mitch. I was wondering about Minecraft. It seems it is the game code rather than MacOS because it's stuck in OpenGL 2.1 mode, it appears to think that is the maximum supported (runs in 4.5 mode under windows). The developer appears to have no intention of fixing that. It's pretty poor form, how slow Apple is at supporting newer OpenGL features. 4.5 is the latest, one would think they would update sierra for that. I suppose they only care about the Metal API now, which is of course very good.
  2. GTX670 OpenGL Problem.

    Hello All! I decided it was time to get back into hackintoshing, I have been out of the loop for a couple of years now. Last time, I was using Yosemite. I remember my OpenGL support being at least as full as OS X offered, I booted with chameleon back then. Now I am of course booting with Clover and I am just getting used to how it works. First I was booting with iMac 14,2 and I realised that my GTX 670 was only running at OpenGL 2.1. I thought maybe it was the iMac 14,2 SMBIOS but I also tried with Mac Pro 5,1 which I have at least used in the past with Mavericks/Yosemite but this also resulted in the same maximum of OpenGL 2.1. I have also tried Nvidia web drivers thinking it may be that but it still doesn't work. Here is the Summery page under compatibility. Here is the OpenGL compatibility page: Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong or what the issue could be? Thank you in advance.
  3. AppleHDA Patcher

    Thank you for this tool, it is very helpful. I got my sound working with Realtek 889 with ID 5 on Sierra using the clover config and aDummyHDA.kext method. I do however have one issue, I couldn't get it working by putting the aDummyHDA.kext in the Clover EFI kexts folder, I had to install it to S/L/E folder. The issue I am having is, if I plug my headphones into the front Audio jack on the PC, the system UI starts freezing, Sound Prefs pane causes the preferences app to freeze. some apps that use sound freeze until the audio jack is unplugged, then things go back to normal when they are force quit.
  4. Spinning Beach Ball on Grey Screen

    I have the same issue with the grey screen, specs as below, it just sits there with a grey screen and beachball/pinwheel indefinitely and doesn't load the menu bar or installer window. It's odd because Mountain Lion runs flawlessly on my system.
  5. OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Thanks for that Kynyo, I hadn't heard of MyHack before, seems like a great piece of software. I was wondering how I would manage to make an install USB, when I installed ML all that time ago I used some app that did everything from terminal and I couldn't remember the name of it or even if it would work for 10.9, This looks like it should do the trick! I spent all morning scratching my head!
  6. 10.8.2 Final! (C54)

    No issues with the update with the specs below - all working great!
  7. OS X 10.8.1 Released

    About OS X Mountain Lion Update v10.8.1 This update includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability and compatibility of your Mac, including fixes that: Resolve an issue that may cause Migration Assistant to unexpectedly quit Improve compatibility when connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server in Mail Address an issue playing audio through a Thunderbolt display Resolve an issue that could prevent iMessages from being sent Address an issue that could cause the system to become unresponsive when using Pinyin input Resolve an issue when connecting to SMB servers with long names Address a issue that may prevent Safari from launching when using a Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC) file Improve 802.1X authentication with Active Directory credentials. For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5418. For information on the security content of this update, please visit: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222. I updated no issues at all and no need to replace any kexts. it was 7.28MB for me.
  8. working perfectly here with little effort.
  9. 10.7.4 is OUT !

    The update has been quite messy for me on my laptop, having SMC issues, lots of SMCReadyKeyAction errors in the kernal log. My wifi kext got overwritten and I can't remember the method I used to get it working with 10.7.3, Voodoo battery isn't working properly, so OS X thinks it's running on battery when it's not.
  10. Optical drive making "boot" sound frequently

    I found the only thing that stops this weird issue is to go into the power saving options and disable putting hard drives to sleep. it stops my DVD-RW from making those noises every 10 minutes. Mine is a TS-H653R branded as HP, but it's obvious it's a TSSTcorp drive. Strangely enough when I had a proper Apple iBook G3 with Tiger, the CD-ROM in that used to make the sound every 10 minutes.
  11. Wake up (Screen sleeps) not working with mouse

    That is a new feature with Lion, and a good one too. it stops people from accidentally moving their mouse on their desk and waking the Lion up from sleep without them wanting to.
  12. Lion GM released today

    I haven't really been following Lion in the Hackintosh scene much as I should as I've been quite happy having Snow Leopard running good now. Will it be possible for us Hackintoshers to upgrade directly from 10.6.8? I know with the DP's there was a problem with Chameleon as it cannot boot the DMG or something. I'm not sure if this problem has been overcome, or will be. Thanks, Rick
  13. 10.6.8 officially released

    Anyone else got this with 10.6.8, since updating the grey apple boot screen has got no spinning wheel at all but boots fine, boot is faster too.
  14. 10.6.8 officially released

    Updated and it killed my sound (new AppleHDA) so I had to replace it with the kext from 10.6.2 again. (ALC888S) boot does seem faster that's for sure.
  15. AppleHDA - no device detected in system profiler

    This works for my ALC888, no DSDT edits. see if it works for you: ALC888.zip