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Quick General Info on Dual-Booting


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so right now ive just got one large partition containing windows 7 and all my files. im planning on shrinking that partition and creating a new one which i plan to put osx86 on. so i wanted to know a few things


1. what format should this partition be when i reformat it (the osx one)? (or can i make it ntfs until installing osx then use disk util to reformat)

2. how big would you suggest i make this osx partition? whats the bare min size for the os (leopard), and what would you suggest so i have room to install some programs and stuff (windows will always be my main os though so not too much)

3. since obviously im planning on dual booting how do i set up some kind of bootloader so i can switch between operating systems on startup

last of all is there any other pertinent information you think i need to know going into this. (ive never dual booted before, only booted linux from a flashdrive)


thanks in advance

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