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  1. you can disregard my last post since i fixed it but now im getting this message right on trying to start the virtual machine it says "Mac OS X is not supported with software virtualization. To run Mac OS X you need a host on which VMware Workstation supports virtualization." this is wierd though because i already have a virtual machine running osx 10.5.5 in vmware..... (for that one i downloaded the virtual machine files instead of installing it myself) but now im trying to install 10.5.7 from the disk onto a physical drive. and its giving me this error. do you know what this could be? EDIT: ONCE AGAIN I FIXED MY OWN PROBLEM
  2. i dont even get a choice of physical hard drives to install it on. im trying to install it on my 8gb flash drive but nothing even shows up. not even my windows native disks EDIT: I FIXED IT NVM
  3. well unfortunately my laptop has the mobile intel gm45 chipset which from what ive gathered means im SOL for ever having fully functioning graphics. but i just wanna use it for simple things like internet browsing so hopefully itll still work
  4. Toshiba A215-S5829

    what install disk did you use
  5. so right now ive just got one large partition containing windows 7 and all my files. im planning on shrinking that partition and creating a new one which i plan to put osx86 on. so i wanted to know a few things 1. what format should this partition be when i reformat it (the osx one)? (or can i make it ntfs until installing osx then use disk util to reformat) 2. how big would you suggest i make this osx partition? whats the bare min size for the os (leopard), and what would you suggest so i have room to install some programs and stuff (windows will always be my main os though so not too much) 3. since obviously im planning on dual booting how do i set up some kind of bootloader so i can switch between operating systems on startup last of all is there any other pertinent information you think i need to know going into this. (ive never dual booted before, only booted linux from a flashdrive) thanks in advance
  6. alright thanks a lot for the info, can i assume that the iDeneb distro that i have installed in vmware will work well with my hardware natively since it runs great in vmware? or does that not prove anything
  7. hey just wanted to say that you can actually change the resolution to other things (i have mine running 1280x800) this is what i did and it worked right away. * Boot OS X * Open the TextEdit program in the Applications folder * With TextEdit, open the file: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist * Open the file, and add these two lines (right after the <string>Yes</string> line if you are on Tiger or <string></string> line if you are on Leopard) <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280x1024x32</string> * Replace the 1280x1024x32 with the resolution you want * Then, in go to File >> Save As.. * Save the file as com.apple.Boot.plist on the Desktop (make sure the .plist part is there!) * Navigate the the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ folder * Drag your com.apple.Boot.plist file on the Desktop into the folder window * When a messages appears, click Authenticate and Replace and enter your password * You're done! Reboot OS X to see the changes
  8. Asus G73 the i7 Gaming Laptop

    btw just thought id mention that when i was working with iAtkos v_7 i noticed it also had some support for i7. incase you were looking for the next place to try
  9. I have Leopard 10.5.5(iDeneb) installed as a virtual machine in VMware as we speak and it runs very well under my windows 7. But i want to boot to it so that it can utilize my full computer for OSX. I am aware of and have tried (and failed) at installing directly using an iAtkos v7 install dvd (couldnt get past the grey apple screen). So my question is, is there an easy way to somehow take this virtual machine which i already have working well, and make it a bootable OS from say an external hard drive or another partition on my computer. Any help is much appreciated
  10. "StealthMac" G5 case mod

    this is officially the most bad ass computer set-up i have ever seen in my life. congrats that thing looks amazing
  11. TPB lost in court

    piracy will never die. we will always find a way to be ahead of the curve and evolve with the technology. where theres a will, theres a way
  12. Software Piracy

    i dont think that piracy is necessarily a bad thing, i think it is just different. meaning it will change the way we use computers. Maybe if everyone continues to pirate, everything will go open source (debatable good or bad)
  13. Windows 7 Lag

    another vote for maleware bytes, helped me out sooo many times. on the other hand who doesnt love a fresh new install?
  14. Asus G73 the i7 Gaming Laptop

    there are a whole bunch of ways to go about doing it. Using all different distros and moded install disks. have you just googled it to see if anyone else has got it working on your particular setup? osx86 is really a trial and error kinda thing so there is no definite answer to the "how do i install" question. (tell me if i sound stupid im new and this is what ive collected after a lot of research here) welp i just went and tried to look around and found nothing. probably because its so new not many people have been able to experiment on it. i know there are a few installs that have added support for i7's so id look into those and maybe just give one a shot