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Just did a clean install, will not boot


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Hey Everyone,


I am new to OSx86, but am pretty knowledgeable about Linux, managing partitions, all that good stuff.


My friend just got a new Macbook, and using OSX is just amazing, so I decided to try installing it on my system


Here is my setup...

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (SSE2, no SSE3)

250GB Seagate SATA Drive

40GB IBM IDE Drive

ATi Radeon 9800Pro

1024MB Corsair Ram


So yesterday I downloaded and burned the 10.4.4 installer and it installed fine, not a single problem, but the darn thing won't boot. So I tried installing again... nothing.


So I searched around on the forums, the wiki, TPB, and managed to start downloading the JaS ISO of 10.4.6. I noticed in the installer there were a ton of "hack's" or patches. I chose the AMD pack and the SSE2 pack, disabled all the other languages and most of the print drivers, and installed. Upon reboot, same problem as before.


Now, your probably wondering what I am doing to boot my system. Well, the SATA drive with XP on it is the master, it automatically boots. I can press ESC when the BIOS starts posting, and it will let me choose what drive to boot. I have used it tons of times, its very easy and efficient, I have used it with ubuntu, suse, so I know this tecnique works.


So basically I boot, press ESC, choose the IDE drive, and voila. But this doesn't seem to be working at all with OSX. It does the whole "Verifying DMI pool..." and hangs there.


So I don't know what to do... but I am SOOOOO anxious to install OSX, the installer looked so good it almost made me cream my pants. I need some help!!

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try follow my way - I have installed and running well Mac OS


1. using Partition Magic or some programs like that to:

+ Active Mac OS Partion

+ Hide all Windows Partition

2. Using DVD Install boot to Installer, select Intel Combo Path, upgrade

3. Using DVD Install boot to Installer, use Termina, type: cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/<Mac OS Partition name>

4. boot to Mac OS with -x parameter


Good luck!!!

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If the install went fine and won't boot into OSX, sound like you need to make the OSX partition active. Get SPFDISK and make a boot floppy or cd and use SPFDISK and make OSX partition active. I've used it and works great.


Good luck,


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