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PC/2 Keyboard Not recognized by Install DVD


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This may be a noob question, but how can I get the JaS Mac OS X 10.4.8 SSE2 SSE2 DVD installation to recognize the PC/2 keyboard I am using? (I have a USB mouse, and that's recognized okay.)

I'm trying to dual-boot with XP.



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iv downloaded and burnt iATKOS v1.0i to dvd and iv run cpuz and my cpu reads as MMX SSE (1,2,3 ) ... i dnt understand what that means ??


iv followed your iATKOS v1.0i install instructions , and i reboot and put the disc in and i get to a boot screen were i have to push enter .. but i can't push enter .. my keyboard is not reponsive.. iv got a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they don't respond , iv tryed a usb keyboard but no luck eaither .


if you could help me in any way and tell me if my computer can run iATKOS v1.0i or if iv done sumthing wrong


specs of my computer


2gb ram


pentium 4 HT 3ghz


and i think on bored 64mb of graphics




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