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  1. Hello. Is there any guide on how to install Snow Leopard on a computer with these specifications? (See below, please.) What distro would work, and some help with the kexts, if not a full guide, would be excellent, too. Dell OptiPlex GX270 - motherboard Intel Springdale-G i865G - motherboard chipset Intel 82865G Graphics Controller Intel 82801EB ICH5 - AC '97 Audio Controller Intel PRO/1000 MT Network Connection 2.6 GHz 1 GB RAM Mac OS 10.6 would then boot with either Windows 2000 or Windows Vista. What would be best? (Is it possible to triple-boot?...) Thank you very much.
  2. Thank you very much, P-Noy and Youngdaddytc. I'll try your suggestions, and report here on what will happen. P-Noy, if I may ask, is this ISO the one you meant? - Leopard-10.5.2-AMD-EFI-Rev2? Oldtopman, will Snow Leopard install if I get Leopard to work and then update, or no? (I'm probably getting way ahead, but...) Thanks.
  3. Hi. I'm really desperate because I'm trying to install Mac OS X on my new computer - need to run Final Cut Pro - but absolutely no version I've tried will install. Here's what I have: AMD Phenom II Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 optical drive is IDE Channel 0 Slave hard-drive is IDE Channel 1 Slave 8 GB RAM DDR3 Windows XP already installed (by me) ATI Radeon 5700 series if I enable AHCI in BIOS, everywhere I can (- 3 places), the computer won't read any drives anymore I've tried: LawlessPPC-10.5.4 ("root device" error) iATKOS v7 ("root device" error) 2 versions of Snow Leopard (almost instant reboot in both cases) iPC 10.5.6 (I think these are all. I even tried a Tiger version, but I really don't want anything older than 10.5.) Also, I've tried to boot from USB stick, but only iATKOS v7 was small enough to fit on the 4-GB stick I own. No luck. Of course, USB DVD-ROM did not work for me, either. (some error about "/config boot slist something not found" right away) I've even attempted using VMWare. I thought it would be better, but it was actually much, much worse. If it doesn't start natively, it won't start in VMWare! Such a waste of time!... VMWare (6.5.2) is so messed up that, with LawlessPPC, at first I got the "root device" error, and the second time I tried to boot the image I got the stupid "/config... not found" error. (What the hell was up with that?) Please, can someone tell me what version of OSx86 will work on this computer? I'd even rather somebody tell me "there is no version that would work" than to keep trying and keep failing... Thanks in advance, very much. P.S. This inquiry here is really my last hope!
  4. Still-Waiting-For-Root-Device Problem

    Very true. P.S. Oh, by quitting, I just meant I'll use VMWare. I got enough RAM.
  5. Still-Waiting-For-Root-Device Problem

    First, I'm very sorry for the late reply. I've been swamped with work for the past 7 days, or so. And thank you very much for the advice, but I think I'm going to give up. Trying the USB DVD-ROM thing, I get a "system config file /com.apple.boot.slist not found" error. They must all be IDE inside the computer (- I read the results of the insanelymac search, yes -), and the USB drive, well, I don't know what the hell its problem is, but I just don't have the knowledge. Just my luck, you know! I can install Mac OS X easy like a breeze on a crappy computer from 2004, which I cannot use for any kind of work nowadays, but on the computer that actually has the power to run the applications I need, no flavour of OSx86 even boots. (I'm never buying an Apple product, though. I'll burn in hell before I do that.) Thanks anyway, man, and have a good one!
  6. Still-Waiting-For-Root-Device Problem

    Sorry, I guess I didn't realize people here were so fond of Apple and what it does (- you know what I mean). I thought people here were disappointed with Apple's closed-city mentality, as well, which is why this whole forum exists in the first place. Anyway, I apologize if I offended you by dissing Apple. (Which, by the way, I didn't do openly, because I said, and I paraphrase: I can't believe that these Apple people would be morons! There was a question mark there, above, not a statement of fact.) Getting back to the issue at hand, thank you very much for the suggestion, Dellmantt, but I tried that (rd=disk0s1). It still gave me the repeating prompt "Still Waiting for Root Device". So, anyway, after your reply, I am reasonably convinced now that I don't have to re-wire the computer, at all. Apple did provide support for Channel 1 Slave, too, as can be seen from the disk0s1 scenario, so the problem must come from elsewhere. I just can't figure out from where.
  7. Still-Waiting-For-Root-Device Problem

    Please, I'm just asking if it's a MUST, in my case, to switch the hard-drive to IDE Channel 0 Master, or at least to IDE Channel 1 Master. If I mess around inside, it voids the warranty! At the same time, if this is the ONLY way - somebody who's more knowledgeable than me should know this, and I'm just asking him to say a few words here... - to get rid of the "Still Waiting for Root Device", I'll do it. I didn't try it already, you know, not just because of the warranty, but also because I'm thinking: "Are these Apple people morons? How can they create a Mac OS which can only be installed on IDE Master, and never even recognizes a Slave connection? And people are criticizing Microsoft for compatibility issues and support issues!... It just can't be true that that's why I get that error!!..." You know? So, I really need some advice. Please. P.S. Michaspoli, why did you ask to know my specifications, if you have absolutely nothing to say?
  8. Still-Waiting-For-Root-Device Problem

    Sorry, I don't use a signature. But here are the specs, if you want to know them: - Processor: AMD Phenom II - Video Card: Radeon 5770 - RAM: 8 GB - motherboard: Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 - trying to use: iPC Leopard 10.5.6 Thank you. P.S. Oh, and I tried the usual tweaks: AHCI in BIOS, Legacy USB Disabled, command-line -v -x, command-line cpus=1, and so on.
  9. Hi. I am getting the "Still Waiting for Root Device" recurring message, when I try the latest iPC 10.5.6 DVD. If I understand correctly, this can be because my hard-drive is not connected to the right IDE channel?! Is this right? There's a DVD-ROM drive at IDE Channel 0 Slave, and the hard-drive is at IDE Channel 1 Slave. Must the hard-drive be at IDE Channel 0 Master, in order for Mac OS X to stop complaining about the root device? If so, is there a way around it, maybe, without going inside and rewiring it? May I also ask what are the chances, if this is indeed the problem, that connecting the HDD to IDE Channel 0 Master will make the install finally work well? Could you give me a rough percentage, please? (I got more than one page of small writing to pass onscreen before getting to this error. The last line prior to the error was something about iTunes, I think...) Thank you very much.
  10. Hi. I have an iPC OSX86 DVD, and it says that I have to make sure to pick the proper hardware when I customize the installation. But it only has option for ATI Radeon HD 3800 and lower. The video card I have is of the 5700 kind. What option should I select, in my case? Thanks a million!
  11. Thank you very much for the suggestions, but unfortunately they didn't work for me. I had enabled AHCI, except in one place, where I had to leave Native IDE, or else nothing would start. I think it was OnChip, or something like that. But there were two places where I selected AHCI instead of IDE, yes. I'm trying to get other versions of Mac OS, but they take a long time... And then, can I be sure that iPC's 10.5.6 will be updated to 10.6.x, after it's installed, for example? Because, you see, I kind of need Snow Leopard, not Leopard. The guy who provided this Hazard 10.6.2 image actually had a whole thread which outlined how to set up everything. The BIOS Settings were right - well, the parts that I could find in my computer's BIOS - and still I get an almost instantaneous reboot. It tries to start - I get about 4-5 lines typed by the installation process on screen, but then there's always the reboot. Is there an iPC 10.6, maybe? Thanks.
  12. Hello. I already tried the 10.6.2 version by Hazard, and it wouldn't go past the boot screen. (It rebooted after writing a couple of lines about mach.kernel on the screen.) So, I'm wondering if it is possible to turn the following PC configuration into a hackintosh. AMD Phenom II Processor Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 motherboard ATI Radeon HD 5770 video card 8 GB RAM (I don't know what else to put here - I have Windows 7, but if OS X would dual-boot better with XP, for example, I'll install that.) Also, I've been searching on the Internet for days, and nobody says if the motherboard is compatible, or not, and with which version. Does anybody here know what version to look for - iPC, Kalyway, 10.6.2, 10.6.3, 10.5.7, etc.? - and whether I should install Leopard first and then upgrade? Or just go for Snow Leopard from the beginning?... How should I do it, please? I have no idea what would work for my configuration, and apparently all these releases that can be found out there are only compatible with certain PC configurations. Thanks a million!
  13. Hi. I'm a bit of a maniac, and I'd like to try this: having Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS 10.6 installed on the same PC. Has anybody tried this, or does anyone know of a tutorial? I tried searching Google and YouTube to see if anything was done, but I couldn't exactly find much. I was thinking to try installing first XP, then Vista, then 7, and then finally OSX. Any suggestions, please? I'd like to read something from the experts here, even if it is: "Man, it'll never work, because..." - Well, you know, if you think I'm nuts, please also say why. Thanks. P.S. I'm gonna post some specs later, if need be.
  14. Thank you very much, Amador! I'm so glad somebody saw this post and replied (and with very helpful information, too!) Thanks again.
  15. I guess more people try MAC OS X on computers with i7s than on computers with Phenom-IIs, huh?...