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Strange problem with OS X


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Hi to all !


I got my system setup a couple of days ago by dilnalomo's method.

I had everything supported, stable, fast & smooth going . . .


But since OS Selector was verryyyy slow, i decided to have windows boot loader instead.

While thryng to do it i messed yp my installation and got " hfs+ partition error "

So then i decided to reinstall it & wiped my OS X partition & reinstalled it with the same dvd.


But now OS X seems pretty slow, i dont get the Box & some other effects that i used to get while user switching or in iPhoto slideshow ( i have QE + CI working ), also when i switch to say acc. 2 and then i want to coe\me back to 1st acc. the system hangs completely, only back Wallpaper with the mouse cursor !


I dont know why its like that, can anyone please help me out in here ?

thanks a lot


My system is :


Intel pentium d 805, Intel 945 GNTL mobo

2 GB DDR2 RAM, x1600 Pro 512 Mb Display card,

300 GB SATA HDD, Samsung TFT display

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