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Moving email from Outlook 2003 (and also works for Outlook Express) to Apple Mail

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Many people that has moved from Win to 'Hackintosh' maybe face with this problem, how do they get their emails in Outlook to work in Apple Mail, cause the question is how to import PST files directly into Apple Mail, oh yeah there's a program called Outlook2Mac but I bet you don't wanna spend another $ for this situation. I did some experiments, and after many trial and error I write this simple guide for you all. Before you do this you need to download Eudora Mailbox Cleaner from here : http://homepage.mac.com/aamann/Eudora_Mailbox_Cleaner.html

Done with that, let’s review these few simple steps:


1. Install Thunderbird on PC, import from Outlook/Outlook Express into it.

2. Install Thunderbird on Mac, note storage location for mail files.

3. Copy message databases onto Mac, in the specific directory where mail is stored, delete index files, then start up Thunderbird and let it rebuild the indexes.

4. Use the Eudora Mailbox Cleaner to export to Mail.

5. Rebuild indexes in Mail, then relax, because you’re done!


Btw Eudora Mailbox Cleaner are free software. Enjoy using Apple Mail.

GOD bless !!

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Were you folks tempted at all to stop once you got your mail into Thunderbird? I'm curious what Apple Mail has to offer that Thunderbird doesn't. I personally will probably never leave mutt, but I need to migrate friends/family from OE to something mac-based. I began following the process outlined by the OP. But now that the mail is in Thunderbird for the Mac, I'm not so sure I should go any further.


What's strange with Apple Mail is that it actually has a built-in import routine for Outlook, but when you try to use it, it tries to run Outlook Express, which doesn't exist for OS/X (only os 9 and earlier). So it turns out to be a dead end.

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