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Via Velocity Gigabit 10.5/6/7, 32/64

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I also ported Via Velocity driver ( from Linux velocityget 1.30 ).


It should work with vt612x (PCI) and vt613x (PCI Express ).

10.6/10.5 version supports i386/x86_64 and 10.5 version supports i386/ppc, though ppc is not tested.


2012-06-02: code base updated to 1.43, VLAN enabled.



2010-05-21: fixed when upload-traffic is large enough to suspend transmit. ( thanks to piyokos for reporting )





Source is available at osx86drivers.sourceforge.net.

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Thanks for this. Currently testing, however it appears to kill my 10.6 system.


Edit: Turns out the issue was unrelated, but I am unable to see my card. I'm rocking a 1106:3119 rev. 11 which should be recognized as a PCI VT612X card. I can see it with LSPCI, however OS X doesn't appear to recognize the card with your drivers.


Edit2: Got it to work, reinstalling the kext magically fixed it. Working good, thanks so much!

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Working pretty well on 10.6.5 Philips laptop ( Twinhead J12 ) with VT6120.


I uploaded it to HMBT, the brazilian hackintosh Team, and Kexts.com with yours credits :(


Thks HNAK,

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