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Magic Mouse: Will Any Kind of Charger Work with Any Brand and Amperage of Any Rechargeable AA?

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Hi. I've seen chargers made by PowerBase, Ansmann, Sony, Philips, GP and Energizer with auto cut off and some with timer as well as rechargeable AA batteries like Sony Cycle Energy 900mah, Sony 2500mah, Energizer 2450mah, Powerbase 2700mah, Ansmann 2600mah. Most accomodate AA and AAA sizes. There's also the Energizer USB based charger with 900mah and some other lesser brands probably designed in China. The Eneloops are harder to find. But two AA rechargeables will only have 1.2 volts which would only be 2.4 volts which might mean the Magic Mouse is getting short on power by .6 volts (would undervoltage, damage it in the long term)?


For disposables Alkaline I've seen Panasonic's Evolta (longest lasting alkaline battery I believe), GP, Panasonic's regular alkaline, Energizer Max (I'm not sure if this is the same one that comes with Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless, coz' this one's all silver, the one in the store has black and silver), Energizer Ultimate Lithium.


I've also heard that only the disposable alkaline batteries will be read more accurately by OS X's bluetooth devices battery indicator coz' they've been designed to work more accurately with alkalines?


With all these factors, which one is the best disposable battery or the best charger and rechargeable battery for the Magic Mouse?


About chargers, if you buy an AA charger could you use any kind of brand of rechargeables at any mah from below 900mah to above 2900mah or does the charger have to support a higher or lower mah, amperage? Is it better to stick to one brand of charger and only buy the rechargeables batteries that came with it (same model, same amperage) or it's better to mix things and get the best from each charger and rechargeable?


Thank you in advance.




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