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NEED a good MicroATX Socket 775 (Celeron D) Board

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So, I was all set to order the Intel D915GLVGL motherboard to build a custom Mac (Hackintosh) for my sister, as I was told that as far as out-of-the-box compatibility with OSX86 goes, it couldn't be beat, and it would appear as though most sites don't carry it, some sites have it listed but only as indefinitely out of stock, and maybe two or three have it listed with availability being in ten or more days. I'm only assuming that this motherboard is out of stock. Unfortunately, I was an idiot and banked on this motherboard, so I bought a MicroATX case (as such was the form factor of said Intel board), and I bought a socket 775 Celeron D 336 processor for it.


Now all I need is the motherboard. But in order to effectively shop for a motherboard, I need to know the following:


1. Is the Intel D915GLGVL motherboard discontinued?


2. If the answer to 1 is no, where can I find it?


3. If the answer to 1 is yes, is there another MicroATX motherboard that is compatible with said Celeron D AND requires little to no patching (I'm going for as much out-of-the-box compatibility as I can possibly get)?


Please let me know. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

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This may be a reasonable option. Link

I just ordered one and for the price it's worth a shot. It has a GV chipset which according to the Intel website is identical to the GL chipset except you get additional fsb / memory configuaration options.

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