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  1. I'm looking to build a Hackintosh running Mountain Lion, preferably with Ivy Bridge and a relatively current video card. Does anyone have any recommendations for this?
  2. I'm looking to build a Hack Pro that is vaguely similar to Apple's almighty Mac Pro in specification and is 100% functional. Specifically, I'm looking for a motherboard that'll take two OSx86-compatible Quad-Core Xeon processors and run with both PC EFI and the Vanilla kernal and will be able to sleep, wake, shutdown, provide me with working audio, ports, LAN, etc. The only motherboard I've seen mentioned is the Intel Skulltrail-based D5400XS, but I haven't heard of anyone getting both PC EFI and Vanilla working perfectly. Am I wrong and has someone been able to get this board working perfectly? If so, please tell me how. Otherwise, does anyone know of an 8-core capable motherboard that DOES work with PC EFI and Vanilla? Please let me know. Thank you all very much for your time. This community rocks.
  3. I recently looked on Pirate Bay for a hackintosh install DVD of Mac OS X 10.4.10 and came up empty-handed. Did no one decide to patch this? Or is the gang just gearing up for Leopard? I figure someone has to have hacked it by now and that I'm probably not looking hard enough and/or just out of the loop from having not been to this site in forever. So, if you know of the existence of said install disc and where I can find the torrent for it, please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Actually in their license, they state that in addition to needing a valid license for Mac OS X, you need to be running it on Apple-branded hardware only. Though I'm sure someone is gonna wise up and take 'em to court for putting a monopoly on their operating system.
  5. Also, would it be possible to do the above but instead install to a blank DVD (i.e. make a live boot DVD for OS X)?
  6. This might be a dumb question, but would it be at all possible to install Mac OS X(86) onto a 4GB flash drive as an emergency OS X boot drive for your average hackintosh? If so, would it be possible to load all four kernels (Intel w/ SSE2, Intel w/ SSE3, AMD w/ SSE2, and AMD w/ SSE3) and set it up so I could choose which kernel I want to boot with? Or would SSE3 be irrelevant in most things that I'd need for emergency's sake (i.e. most of the apps I'd want installed onto this OS X partition would be Universal Binaries anyway and wouldn't need Rosetta)? ...And lastly, if I make it this far (am able to successfully install Mac OS X [86] to my flash drive) would it be possible to edit the "EssentialSystemSoftware" package to omit iTunes, iCal, Address Book, iSync, and all the other programs that would just take up precious space on an emergency OS X boot (flash) drive and then substitute this package for the one on the JaS install DVDs in installation?
  7. -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    I get that, but it would appear that we'd have an easier time building hackintoshes based on a desktops (as our hackintoshes would be desktops) than it would be building hackintoshes based on laptops. The iMac (both Core Duo and Core 2 Duo editions), the MacBook and MacBook Pro are all laptops, sure they have the correct chipset...but it's not like we're gonna go out and build a Merom-based hackintosh with laptop SDRAM. Though given your point, I'd say Apple did a good job of making machines be as very different from the average hackintosh as they possibly could. It'll be one hell of a challenge either way. The other thing is that the present iMac chipset (whatever it is) doesn't appear as though it'll be around on the market much longer at the rate Intel is going. Again, I could be and probably am totally wrong about this; I've only been following up so much. That having been said, I'd love to help, but I don't know where I could start; I don't know {censored} about the EFI in the iMac beyond the basics.
  8. Intel Xeon machines

    I take it, a Xeon configuration wouldn't be cheaper than a Core 2 Duo Extreme?
  9. -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    I briefly glanced over the other forum (flashing Apple's Firmware onto existing EFI boards), but for some reason I didn't have permission to reply or comment. In any event, I read over the issue about Apple's EFI having issues with DIMMs (as the Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and iMac all use SO-DIMM, and unfortunately, the firmware to those machines are the only ones with easily accessible firmware) as it was designed to use SO-DIMMs only. It would appear as though, as logical as it sounds to take the firmware of say, the iMac and reverse-engineer and/or ready an existing EFI-compatible board to accept said iMac firmware, it might make more sense to forget about the iMac/MacBook Pro/Mac mini firmware and try to go for extracting the Mac Pro's firmware. RAM aside, hardware-wise the iMac and Mac mini are both, essentially laptops. Hardware-wise, any hackintosh that we'd ever put together will, hardware-wise, be quite different from a laptop. The Mac Pro is a desktop, for that reason, my guess is that its firmware is the closest to what we'd want to hack, reverse engineer, or otherwise screw with. Unfortunately, its firmware isn't posted on Apple's site...at least not yet...so this could be a problem in terms of simply obtaining it. I could be completely wrong and what I'm saying could be completely stupid; in terms of EFI, its specific technology and how to hack/navigate it, I'm a moron. All I know is that EFI is what Apple is now using instead of OpenFirmware and that it is going to replace the BIOS whenever Microsoft gets off its ass and recodes Windows for it. But it's just a thought.
  10. -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    I take it simply (which I use half-jokingly) extracting, piecing apart and ultimately reverse-engineering the aforementioned iMac Core Duo firmware update (which likely contains a stand-alone version of its firmware) alone isn't going to yield the results this forum is after...right?
  11. Build Own Intel "Mac Mini"

    I won't at all disagree with what you're saying as I couldn't agree more. However, I would say that form-factor-wise, it's stupid to try to make your own mini...even if you can get a comparable form factor, you sacrifice many of the advantages to having a microATX Hackintosh, you pay way more than Apple will charge for the mini and you probably don't get as good performance. My Hackintosh with the above specs, will allow me to install PCI and PCIe cards later on if I wish. Granted one could probably fit six or seven Mac minis into the volume that my one microATX box is taking up, but that having been said, the microATX box isn't THAT big. Mine can definitely be carried from one place to the other easily just as a Mac mini would.
  12. Has anyone built one? (i.e. has anyone found a compatible configuration that can not only run OSX86 confortably but beats the price of Apple's 2.66 GHz model Mac Pro?) Please keep me/us posted. I don't know about you guys, but the prospect of building a machine comparable in speed to the Mac Pro and way less in price is exactly what got me excited about the Intel transition in the first place.
  13. Build Own Intel "Mac Mini"

    Celeron D 336 Intel D915GAGL 200 GB Serial ATA 150 Hard Drive NEC Dual Layer DVD-/+RW drive MicroATX case I'm gonna add more to mine, but that was essentially what I got and it ran me about $480. Granted, I don't have Front Row, WiFi, Bluetooth, nor FireWire but my machine can probably contend with a Core Solo Mac mini, which retails for over that $100 more. She runs well.
  14. Mac Pro Case

    Good luck, Apple likely won't ever sell its cases...unfortunately. Your best bet is looking for one on eBay.
  15. I bought the D915GAGL, and for the purposes of building something comparable to a Mac mini (Core Solo) that can run OS X with minimal patching needed, I couldn't have been happier with it. I initially wanted the D915GLVGL, but in the states, it's practically non-existant, nevertheless, I'd whole-heartedly recommend the D915GAGL (or the D915GAG for that matter; they are VERY closely related).