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need some amazing advice plz

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i have a abit fatality an8 sli mobo

amd athlon 64 x2 4200+

with a sata hdd

(2) xfx geforce 6800 gs 256mb and 2gb of ram


now i can't seem to get this right no matter how many time i have tryed to install osx86 it has failed one way or another i have yet to see a native install or a vmware install moved over to native work fine for me i'm thinking i have bad luck with this could someone please help me config all of this i have a partiton ready to install osx but i have no clue which options to choose to make it work native can someone please tell me which patches i should choose to install with

thanks in advance

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ill try the hotiso because maybe its the jas 10.4.6 patched cd thats giving me problems do i need to download anything else on the side?

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