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Can you recommend me a configuration?

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Hi all!


I´m planning to buy a new machine on which install Mac OS X 10.4.6. Just interested in Final cut and Pro video applications.


I´ve been recommended to buy this:


Intel D945 GNTLR MoBo w/GMA950 Graphics Card

CPU Intel D 930





My doubt is about the mobo and the graphics card. Is the GMA 950 enough powerful? Is there any other (maybe non-integrated) graphics card really recommended (I mean, easy to configure)


The compatibility list in the wiki section is a bit confusing. Can I mix any Mobo with any Graphics card? Even in the Mobo has one integrated?


What about AMD?


Since I plan to buy a whole new computer, i´d like to configure it properly...

Thanks in advance...



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I would really like to have some help in this field as well, mainly due to there not being a good setup guide for the current hardware available. There were a few when Hackintoshes first started but coming back to the scene there is no real guide as to what the most compatible hardware is.


It would be great if someone could reccommend a motherboard, Graphics card (if neccecery) and a wireless card that work out of the box or with minimal tweaking..... (all on the cheap in my case :blink: )


Thanks :happymac:



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