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Longjmp botch on resize attempt -- help!


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I have 4 partitions on my Thinkpad:


hda1 - Darwin

hda2 - Linux Swap

hda3 - Ubuntu Linux

hda4 - Tiger-x86


I am trying to boot the Tiger-x86 partition that I will later use for windows and restore onto the Darwin partition. I dd'ed the deadmoo image to hda4 and it booted fine with nothing installed on hda1. Then I installed Darwin on hda1 and tried to boot hda4 in order to restore. It goes to the Darwin boot loader and even to the Apple boot screen, but suddenly it gives a longjmp botch error that is recursive. I tried to dd the image again after the Darwin install to check for any changes Darwin might have made, but I still get the error.


Can anyone help me?

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