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Inspiron 710m 700m post install: power, video memory, speed


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hi there! I have a dell inspiron 710m, almost same as 700m, with os x 10.4.5. I had a few questions if you don't mind:

-I don't have battery meter, is that possible? power mamangement?

-It doesn't say that I have built in sound in system profiler, but i can run mp3 with itunes.

-the xbench for open gpl fails.

-I do understand the problems with video drivers for our machines, but I wonder if it's possible to get at least a bit more ram allocated to video. in windows, ram is allocated dynamically, do you think getting lots of ram in windows and doing a warm reboot will do?

-speed is great, but sometimes the machine is very slow. there is no way to fix the speed in the bios AFAIK. do you think getting into windows, getting the speed up, and then doing a warm reboot into os x should? or is there a way to handle (or at least measure) processor speed within os x?


many thanks!!

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